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Enabling Security Certificate Seal on Secure Forms

Last Update: July 17, 2017

  1. 2. In the Image Properties, select General tab, then select Comodo Secure Seal under Archive tab within Choose a File option.

    Select Recently Used tab

NOTE: The Security Seal will show up, only on forms which make use of SSL (start with https://...)

An example form is here:


  • Mike Drennan

    Is data transfer to a MYSQL database secured via SSL?

  • yolandav

    How do I secure my forms from being edited when I send them to the form site? There is no secure place to log in and out, someone can do what they want with my url jotform page.

  • pattimajeski

    I have been using JotForm for over a year and have been extremely happy.

    Yesterday all of the form I have created on all of my clients landing pages are gone... With no warning and it says my account was suspended do to suspect of phishing.

    How can a company that wants to offer their clients a secure way to have a form on their facebook landing page or a web landing page use your forms and not have to worry about everything being shut down?

    Thank you.
    Patti Majeski

  • truconcepts

    For some reason I cannot get the security seal to display. I've tried using Chrome, Firefox, and Opera using the form I created as well as the example from that's linked above.

  • whershfeld

    I followed these instructions as a test on one of my forms and the secure badge is not displaying...

    I'm accessing the form via:

    Any ideas on why the secure badge is not displaying?


  • silentwisher

    No matter what I do it seems like the secure method does not work. Which tells everyone on my site that the page is not secure. Help?


    need the seal

  • amberyoung

    I am using the form on your site (not on mine) and I selected the "secure form" check off box, yet it warns clients with the following message: The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

    Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Thanking you in advance.


    Is there a way of displaying the security seal or is this feature no longer available.

  • gaslanh

    my can change the size of form do not been?

  • REPU

    how will customers know thats ther actually is ssl protection and that someone hasn't just added a picture of a security seal from google... is there a way to go to a page that is https:// so that customers actually know that its safe to use???

  • Kayonna

    We want to start utilizing our jotform this week. Is there something I should be doing to make sure it's secure (adding something, turning something on, etc?). How do I know or customers know that their information is secure? I'm a little worried about using this. Please help.

  • Kayonna

    My Jotform does not say secure in the URL should I be worried? How do I go about making the form secure? I did not create a username and password is that the reason why? Please help. We need to start using this form ASAP! Thanks!

  • sandeep rani

    My security certificate is problem.user name and password is not match on site.

  • ethicre

    Looks great! Thanks!!

  • monacossitt

    Can I collect credit card info safely on one of these forms? Are they all SSL protected? Can I get a seal with a transparent background?

  • joilsonsantos70

    Boa tarde, vocês tem previsão de quando farão a integraçao com a pagseguro?

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