Form Calculation: Math Function Reference

July 24, 2022

The following advanced mathematical functions are available in the Form Calculation Widget and when using the Update/Calculate Field Conditional Logic.

Form Calculation Widget Math Functions
Update Calculate Field Condition Math Functions

You can use this guide as your reference to build perfect calculation forms.

Math Functions

The arguments can either be fixed or variable from the form fields.

Form Calculation Widget abs() function
Function Description
abs() Returns the absolute (positive) value of a number.
abs(-100) = 100
acos() Returns the arc cosine of a number.
acos(0.5) = 1.05
asin() Returns the arc sine of a number.
asin(0.5) = 0.52
atan() Returns the arc tangent of a number in radians.
atan(1) = 0.7854
atan2() Returns the arc tangent of two variables x and y.
atan2(4, 8) = 0.4636
ceil() Rounds a number up to the nearest integer.
ceil(1.3) = 2
cos() Returns the cosine of a number.
cos(2) = -0.42
exp() Returns e raised to the power of a given number.
exp(1) = 2.7183
floor() Rounds a number down to the nearest integer.
floor(1.7) = 1
log() Returns the natural logarithm of a number.
log(2) = 0.69
max() Returns the highest value.
max(4, 8, 2) = 8
min() Returns the lowest value.
min(1, 2, 5) = 1
pow() Returns x raised to the power of y.
pow(2, 3) = 8
random() Generates a random float between 0 and 1.
random() * 100 = a random number between 0 and 100
round() Rounds a number to the nearest integer.
round(2.5) = 3
sin() Returns the sine of a number.
sin(3) = 0.14
sqrt() Returns the square root of a number.
sqrt(25) = 5
tan() Returns the tangent of a number.
tan(45) = 1.62
E Return the Euler’s number.
E * 1 = 2.7183
LN2 Returns the natural logarithm of 2.
LN2 * 1 = 0.6931
LN10 Returns the natural logarithm of 10.
LN10 * 1 = 2.3026
LOG2E Returns the base-2 logarithm of E.
LOG2E * 1 = 1.4427
LOG10E Returns the base-10 logarithm of E.
LOG10E * 1 = 0.4343
PI Returns the value of PI.
PI * 1 = 3.1416
SQRT1_2 Return the square root of 1/2.
SQRT1_2 * 1 = 0.7071
SQRT2 Return the square root of 2.
SQRT2 * 1 = 1.4142
avg() Returns the average of supplied numbers.
avg(0, 2, 4) = 2
avgNoZero() Returns the average of supplied numbers while excluding zeroes and empty fields.
avgNoZero(0, 2, 4) = 3
count() Returns the number of selected options in a Multiple Choice or Single Choice element.
commaSeparate()  Include comma separators in large numbers.
commaSeparate(1234567) = 1,234,567.00
dateString() Converts a Date Picker’s value (or epoch time in days) to a date string in “D M d Y” format.
dateString(12-25-2030) = Wed Dec 25 2030
nth() Returns the nth largest number.
nth(2, 20, 30, 40) = 30
minutes() Converts minutes to milliseconds.
minutes(1) = 60000
hours() Converts hours to milliseconds.
hours(1) = 3600000
days() Converts days to milliseconds.
days(1) = 86400000
weeks() Converts weeks to milliseconds.
weeks(1) = 604800000
months() Converts months to milliseconds.
months(1) = 2592000000
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