How to Change Your Billing Credit Card

December 7, 2023

This guide shows how to change your billing credit card for your Jotform account — only applicable to accounts with active subscriptions paid for via Stripe or FastSpring.


For removing your credit card information, see How to Cancel Your Subscription.

To update your billing card

  1. Go to the Billing page and select Change Credit Card.
The Change Credit Card button on the Jotform Billing page

Note: For FastSpring users, continue here.

  1. Enter your card details in the Credit Card Information dialog.
  2. Once you’re done, select Update at the bottom to save the changes.
The Credit Card Information window on the Jotform Billing page

Updating Payment Method in FastSpring

For payments processed through FastSpring, you will be redirected to your FastSpring subscription page after selecting Change Credit Card on the Billing page. With FastSpring, you can update your card or choose PayPal as the payment method.

To update your FastSpring subscription payment method

  1. Click Edit Subscription in FastSpring after selecting Change Credit Card in Jotform Billing.
The Edit Subscription link on the FastSpring subscription page
  1. Select Update Payment Method, then follow the instruction on your screen.
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