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How to Capture Stripe Payment Authorization

How to Capture Stripe Payment Authorization

There are situations when you just want to capture a customer’s payment information and keep it on your Stripe dashboard so you can charge them later with whatever amount necessary.

JotForm makes this workflow easy for you. Here’s how:

  1. Add the Stripe Payment Field to your form.
  2. Do the usual Integration with Stripe by logging in and connecting your Stripe Account with JotForm.
  3. Set your Payment Type to "Sell Products".
    Payment Type Sell Products
    Payment Type Sell Products
  4. Expand the Additional Gateway Settings section, then set the options as shown below:
    1. Show Total Price on the Form - No
    2. Users Can Select Multiple Products - No
    3. Create Customer After Submission - Yes
    4. Charge Customer Immediately - No
  5. Click Continue then proceed to adding your dummy product worth $0.01. Note that this amount will not be charged to your customer’s credit card unless you chose to.
    Additional Gateway Settings
    Additional Gateway Settings
  6. When setting up the dummy product, ensure Selected by Default is set to "Yes" so it's automatically selected upon loading.
    Selected by Default
    Selected by Default
  7. Lastly, let's hide the dummy product you added using CSS:

    li[data-type="control_stripe"] span.form-product-item,
    li[data-type="control_stripe"] br,
    li[data-type="control_stripe"] hr {
        display: none;

That's it! Your payment capture form is good to go! So, how does this form work?

Every time the form is submitted, a customer record is created on your Stripe Account. You may then manually charge your customer within your Stripe Dashboard, using this record, anytime you see fit.

If you have questions, concerns, or any suggestions, please feel free to contact us via JotForm's support forum or via email.

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  • WorldplayHR

    I've entered the css code but the dummy product is still showing on the form.

  • Ignatiuz

    So everything seems to be working fine. But when I click on the "Charge Customer Now" link, it shows a message "Customer [] - successfully charged by XXX". Is there a way I can insert the customer name in []?

  • scscouriers

    I'm not getting these option in 'Additional Gateway Setting"
    I connected my Stripe and not getting the 'Authorisation Only' option to charge customers manually at a later date.
    Any idea why?

  • ocsonoma

    You say this will allow us to "charge them later with whatever amount necessary."

    How can we "edit" the amount that we charge our customer? Do we do this in Jotform or Stripe?