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Calculate Values in the Input Table Through Condition

Calculate Values in the Input Table Through Condition

Calculation is one of the advanced features of JotForm. You can perform calculations either by using the FORM CALCULATION WIDGET or through the UPDATE / CALCULATE FIELD condition.

In this guide, you'll learn how to perform calculation in the INPUT TABLE field (formerly known as the MATRIX FIELD) through the UPDATE / CALCULATE FIELD Condition and output the result on a text box field within the same INPUT TABLE field.


Here's how:

1. Add the INPUT TABLE field to your form.

2. Click SETTINGS at the top of the FORM BUILDER. On the left side, select CONDITIONS then UPDATE / CALCULATE FIELD.

3. Create a condition that calculates the field whenever the INPUT TABLE field is filled.


IF Input Table IS FILLED, then DO calculate a field's value

4. Click the ADD FIELD button to add the fields you want to calculate on the INPUT TABLE field.

Example: You can select the fields from the first 4 columns then add them, and then output the result on the 5th column.

You can try the calculation conditions on this form: We strongly suggest you clone this form so you can check and review the conditions.

If you also want to perform calculation on the INPUT TABLE field with checkbox or radio button input types, refer to this guide: How to Perform Form Calculation in the Matrix Field 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below.

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  • Doguk

    I have created an input table, with calculation values, but the last column in the table is not passing the correct value to the Form Calculation Widget - instead of 6.5, 5 is being passed

  • NippersD

    in v4, how do you access the individual sub-fields from the Input Table, to be applied in the Conditions (as how it used to work, in your example above)? All it does now is have a single selection "All?" which is not useful

  • Yalmin

    Hello Jotform Support

    In the case i have multi choice question, how can i use different forms or questions depending on the select answer (on the multi choice question)

    For example:

    Answer: a) Man b) Woman

    If the Answer is a) Man - I would like to ask in the next page the following next 2 questions:
    a) How often do you drink? b) Where do you like to travel.

    but if Answer is b) Woman I will ask the next 2 questions:
    a) How often do you going to the mall? b) Where do you like to eat?

    Please advise.

  • melkyherlina

    Hi team,
    It seems like my calculation is working fine but when i tested it again, it all went blank. Why? It was working fine.

  • nueratrend

    I need to use this form to calculate prices and bill customers. Is this something that you can do?

  • MPParker

    I try to follow this - but your example looks nothing like the form I'm trying to create. The left sidebar is completely different!
    My sidebar is "Form Elements"
    So these instructions don't help me!