Populate a Word Template with Form Data

August 9, 2022

Do you want to automatically save the form data into a word document? Or, better yet, populate a word template with a form data? That’s easy with Make (formerly Integromat).

With Make, you can connect Jotform to over a hundred services like Microsoft which enables you automatically populate a word template after your customer submits the form.


  • Make Account – formerly Integromat, this is where you integrate Jotform with MS Word Template.
  • Dropbox Account – this is where the Word document will be retrieved and saved.
  • Word document – this will be the template file. Put the merge tags, e.g. {{name}}, where you want the answers from the form to go. By default, merge tags should be enclosed with double curly braces.
Use a short file name for your Word document for easier use later.

Set up the Scenario

Let’s say you want to generate a contract for your customers after filling out the form. Here’s how:

  1. Upload the Word document (e.g. contract.docx) to your Dropbox account.
  1. Log in to Make and Create a New Scenario.
  1. Search for Jotform then select Watch for Submissions as the trigger.
  1. Click the Add button under Webhook and add a connection.
  1. Enter your full-access API Key then click Save.
  1. Select the form and click Save.
  2. Click the OK button under Webhook to complete the Jotform module.
  1. Next, Add a Dropbox module and set it to Download a File.
  1. Set the Way of selecting files option to “Select a file”.
  2. Select the Word document (e.g. contract.docx) and click OK to complete the Dropbox module.
  1. Next, add a Microsoft Word Templates module and set it to Fill out a document.
  1. Construct the output file name. You can use the form and field values like the submission ID, name, etc.
  1. After that, click Add Item under the Values section, then map the fields.
  • Value Type – should be “Value” for basic use.
  • Key – should match the merge tags in your Word template. For example, use “name” as the Key for the Word template’s {{name}} merge tag.
  • Value – the form field value that will be displayed in place of the merge tag. You can combine as many fields as you like. For example, you can combine first name and last name to display the full name.
Always use the child options rather than the parent option in the Value to exclude the HTML formatting.
  1. Set up the rest of the merge tags then click the OK button to complete the Microsoft Word Template module.
  2. Next, add another Dropbox module and set it to Upload a File this time.
  1. Set the destination folder then select the Microsoft Word Templates – Fill out a document option.
  2. Click the OK button.

The final scenario should look like the following:

  1. Finally, click the disk icon to save the change then enable the Scenario.

That’s it! If you have any questions or if you are stuck at some point, feel free to write a comment below.

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