How To Send Custom Data To Stripe Payment

December 7, 2023

With Custom Data, it’s now easier to include custom descriptions to the data in a Stripe payment integration. 

You can now directly attach key-value data descriptions to charges, customers, and most other data in your Stripe payment form. As with other data, custom data can be searched and viewed as well in your Stripe account dashboard.

Here’s how you can send custom data to Stripe:

  1. Connect your Stripe account with Jotform.
  2. Set the Payment Type. Custom Data is available for the following payment types:
    • Sell Products
    • Sell Subscriptions 
    • User Defined Amount
    • Collect Donations
  3. Expand the Additional Gateway Settings section.
  1. Set the Ask Billing Information to Customer option to “Yes.”
  2. In the Custom Data Field option, select the field name in the form that will be used to send the custom data to Stripe.


The Custom Data Field option is designed to be mapped to a Short Text element. It means that you will need to have at least one Short Text element to be able to map it as a custom data field.

  1. Save the Payment Settings.

Stripe payment Custom Data helps you store the info that’s most useful for your business when using Stripe payment integration.

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