How to Download and Print the Visual Report?

August 7, 2020

Jotform Report Builder gives you and the person you are sharing the Visual Report with options to download and/or print the Visual Report you created.

On the Jotform Report Builder Page, you may access the Download Visual Report button on two different locations.

(1) On the JotFrom Report Builder page itself, you can access the green download button located at the top of the page, along with Date Range Settings, Preview button, and Publish button.

(2) The download button is also present on the JotFrom Report Builder Preview page. It is located on the presentation bar.

The Visual Report will be downloaded as a PDF document. The file will be saved to your computer (or device) based on your browser’s download settings.

As for the Print Visual button, it can only be accessed from the JotFrom Report Builder Preview page. The Print button is located on the left of the Download button, also on the presentation bar, and it has a Printer icon.

Note: You can go back to the Jotform Report Builder page of your form from the Preview page by clicking the “X” button on the presentation bar.

You may also print the Visual Report outside the JotForm. After you download the Visual Report as a PDF document, you can use your favorite PDF Reader application to print the Visual Report.

How to give others permission to download and/or print the Visual Report you created?

Other people may only access the Visual Report you created using the link you shared with them. Regardless of the Access Settings of your Visual Report, you may give others permission to download and/or print the report by enabling the options under Link Settings.

You can find the Link Settings when you access the Publish Presentation Settings of your Visual Report.

If the buttons are enabled, others will be able to see it on the presentation bar at the bottom when they access your Visual Report.

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