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When it comes to sharing the Visual Report of your form submission data, we believe that it should be as easy as it was created. From generating a link to your visual report that will be accessible online to embedding the report so it can be a part of your website or from downloading a PDF copy of the Visual Report, which will be available to access offline, to printing it, the Report Builder has you covered.

Publish Visual Report

When you click the Publish button located at the top-right of the page,  you will find the share options of the Reports Builder page under the Share tab of the Publish Report modal pop-up.


Share Visual Report

In this section you can find the link to the visual report that you can share. The link changes based on what Access Settings the Visual Report is set to.

  • Copy Link – click the button to copy the link to the visual report
  • Generate New Link – only appears under the Link to Access Report section when the Access Settings of your report is set to either Private Report or Company Access in the Publish Report Settings
  • Invite by Email – only invited Jotform users will be able to view the reports published with Private Access or Company Access

You will learn more about Access Settings below.

Access Settings

You can access the Access Settings section by clicking either the active Access Settings button or the Settings link under the Share tab of the Publish Report modal pop-up.


Options under Access Settings will change the accessibility of the Visual Report. It can be set to be accessible publicly, privately, or exclusively to a company.

  • Public Report – this makes the Visual Report you created accessible to anyone who has the link to it.
  • Private Report – by selecting this option, you are making the Visual Report link accessible to the people you sent email invitations to. The invitation contains the Private link to your Visual Report.
  • Company Access – the accessibility this option gives is almost similar to the Private Report option. The only difference is that it requires the person accessing the generated link to be in the same organization and sharing the same email domain that you will also set under this option.
    Requiring SSO, on the other hand, is only available to Enterprise level accounts.


When the Visual Report is accessed by the person you shared it with, that person will see a presentation bar at the bottom. You can choose to include a Print and/or a Download button on that presentation bar here.


Visible only when the Access Settings is set as Private Report or Company Access. This option ensures that the shareable dedicated link to the report expires at a specific date and time. You may also select a timezone the expiration time will be based on. Once set, the link’s expiration will be displayed and can easily be seen under the Link to Access Report section of the Publish Report modal pop-up.


Invite by Email

This option, which can also be found under the Share tab of the Publish Report modal pop-up, will allow you to grant others access to the report you published, privately, by inviting them. The person you invited will be listed automatically under Share with.


You can invite more than one email address at a time or you can also just upload a list of email addresses that you would like to invite by clicking the Upload button and then selecting the Upload CSV File option.


You can also download a sample CSV file that you can use as a template.

Here’s a sample shared report email with an optional invitation message included that the person you invited will receive.


Clicking the View Report button will ask the invited person to log in to their Jotform account or sign up for a Jotform account using the same email address the shared report was sent to.

The person you invited will be added as a user on the Share with list and will have a “Pending” status, instead of a “Joined Date” information, until they click the View Report button included in the email they received or access the share report link.


Under the Shared with modal pop-up, you can also revoke the user with the access you have given them to view the report you created. You have the option to only revoke a single user or multiple users at the same time.


Users that have been revoked of access will get the message below if they access the shared report again.

How to Share a Visual Report Image-1

Embed Visual Report

Not only you can share the Visual Report of your form, but you can also embed it on your website. Provided that the Access Settings of the Visual Report you created is set to Public Report, you will be able to embed your form to your website, to WordPress, or post it on Medium.

More information about how you can embed your form can be found in this guide: How to Embed Visual Report

Download and Print Visual Report

Another way to share the Visual Report you created is by downloading a soft copy of it that you can share digitally or by printing a hard copy of it that you can keep for your own record, presentation, manuals, etc.

More information about how you can download and/or print your Visual Report can be found in this guide: How to Download and Print the Visual Report

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