Using Advanced Formula in Jotform Tables

December 4, 2023

Advanced Formula is a column type in Jotform Tables where you can create equations or expressions to perform calculations, return information, change values, and more.

To use Advanced Formula

  1. In Jotform Tables, add a new column.
The add column buton in Jotform Tables
  1. Go to the Formula tab, select Advanced Formula, then click Next.
Steps to add an Advanced Formula column in Jotform Tables
  1. Enter your desired column name, then select Next.
The column name field in Jotform Tables' Advanced Formula
  1. Create your formula in the editor.
  2. Once you’re done, select Create Column.
The formula editor in Jotform Tables

The formula editor has three major sections.

The formula editor in Jotform Tables

Create a Formula. The textarea is the visual editor where you create your formula and expressions. The editor automatically filters and shows matching columns and functions as you type. Select the “T” icon to switch the editor to text mode.

Here’s a list of keyboard keys you can use in the visual editor:

Key Description
Up, Down To select a column or function suggestion.
Tab To insert the selected column or function suggestion or to insert what you typed in if no suggestion is selected.
Left, Right To navigate through the formula. Also deselects the column or function suggestion.
Enter, Esc To insert what you typed in.
Backspace To delete the preceding element.

Columns. The Columns section contains the list of available columns in your Tables that you can use as variables or arguments in your formula. This includes all supported column types generated from your form or manually added in Jotform Tables.

Functions. The Function section contains all the available operators and functions you can use.

For more information on how to use the operators and functions, see:

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