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Webinar: How to manage COVID-19 vaccine distribution with Jotform

With COVID-19 vaccines finally becoming more widely available, healthcare organizations and governments have another daunting task ahead of them: Distributing the precious vaccine doses to an eager public in an organized, efficient, and secure manner.

This process requires a sophisticated data-collection system to capture everything from recipient information, eligibility, medical records, and consent waivers, to scheduling thousands of vaccine appointments — all while ensuring confidential data is kept secure.

Fortunately, Jotform is here to help. Check out our in-depth webinar we held on February 17, where we demonstrated how you can use Jotform to manage all aspects of your vaccine delivery data collection, including

  • Vaccine request/waitlist forms for vaccination doses
  • Prescreening/recipient eligibility assessments
  • COVID-19 contact tracing forms
  • Vaccine registration forms
  • Medical history forms
  • Vaccine consent forms
  • Vaccine appointment scheduling forms

We also discussed our features that help with HIPAA compliance — which are free of charge with our Coronavirus Responder Program — as well as useful accessibility tricks like connecting forms to QR codes, embedding them on websites and social media, and integrating calendar functionality for easy appointment scheduling. Be sure to check it out!

Overview of the webinar


Jotform is the perfect tool to help manage any data collection needs related to COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Our easy-to-use form builder, tables, PDF features, online database capabilities, and easy accessibility options can help empower healthcare organizations and local governments anywhere to navigate the myriad of logistical data complexities they’re facing when it comes to organized delivery of the vaccine.

But first, what makes us qualified to do so?

Overview: Situation and Challenges

We’ve identified a few of the most critical needs facing data collection systems worldwide as vaccine distribution continues to scale.

1. Highly scalable

The amount of data needed for large-scale vaccine distribution efforts requires a vast online database cache and the ability to handle a massive amount of online traffic 

2. Simple to use

Some recipients may not be technologically savvy — it’s vital that data collection touchpoints are simple to understand and easy to fill out

3. Accessible from anywhere

The ability to open forms from QR codes, embed them on websites and social media, and make them mobile-friendly for access on tablets or smartphones in the field is critical to enabling data collection from anywhere 

4. Secure

Collecting the private medical information of thousands of patients requires top-of-the-line security protocols and features that help with HIPAA compliance

5. Integration-friendly with existing systems

Your data collection needs to be interlinked with systems used for:

  • Scheduling (e.g. populating calendars for appointments)
  • Automatic communication (e.g. triggering auto-responder email functions)
  • Payment processing (e.g. collecting financial transactions through PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.)

Jotform Use Cases

The good news: Jotform was built for all this. There are dozens of real-life examples of how healthcare organizations and governments from city to state level are using Jotform for vaccine efforts.

One particular example is Park County, Montana. They ditched paper forms and transitioned to Jotform to help manage their contact tracing, surveying, testing consent, vaccine request efforts, and more. The results speak for themselves.

“The Jotform platform has helped our small county health department work smarter, not harder! It is a real benefit to the community, has certainly helped us bring COVID-19 cases under control much more quickly, and uses the time and energy of our staff most efficiently.”

Dr. Laurel Desnick, Park County’s health officer

The How

So, how exactly have these organizations and governments been using Jotform to aid their vaccination rollout efforts?

Answer: Multiple online touch points are needed to gather recipient information, assess eligibility, and schedule vaccine distribution — all while keeping confidential patient medical information secure. 

That’s where Jotform comes in.

The Process

If your organization is participating in any sort of mass vaccination rollout effort, you likely need to implement several of the following touchpoints:

  • Vaccine request/waitlist forms for vaccination doses 
  • Pre-screening/recipient eligibility assessments 
  • COVID-19 contact tracing forms
  • Vaccine registration forms
  • Medical history forms
  • Vaccine consent forms
  • Vaccine appointment scheduling forms

Note: HIPAA compliance is recommended for most of these!

Touchpoints of the webinar

Today’s Showcase

Today, we’ll take you through demonstrations of how you can use Jotform to set up all these touchpoints, with example forms and templates customizable to your organization’s specific needs.

We’ll also discuss the following tips and tricks to help make life easier by using Jotform:

  • Making forms easy to understand / fill out
  • Linking forms to QR codes
  • Embedding forms on websites and social media
  • Connecting forms to your calendar 
  • Integrating forms with payment processors 

Let’s get started!


Check out our recording for our full walkthrough demo (starting at 8:41) on how to use Jotform to help manage COVID-19 vaccine distributions! We give a brief introduction to Jotform’s platform before showcasing a variety of premade form templates, uses, examples, tips, and resources to help you crush your data collection needs. Once you’re ready to get started, you can reference all the links and resources we covered on the webinar below.


Below are all the resources we showed during the presentation.

Vaccine request/waitlist forms for vaccination doses: 

Pre-screening/recipient eligibility assessments: 

COVID-19 contact tracing forms:

Vaccine registration forms:

Medical history forms:

Vaccine consent forms:

Vaccine appointment scheduling forms:

Vaccination tracker table/consent log table:

Vaccine administration record PDF:     

Learn more about our Enterprise capabilities at: https://www.jotform.com/enterprise/ 

Learn more about our HIPAA compliance at: https://www.jotform.com/hipaa/

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