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Gain critical insights to help your business thrive with Jotform’s product-market fit surveys. Create surveys with your own branding in seconds and share them with customers to learn more about their experience and find out where there’s room to grow. Analyze data and turn your survey responses into visual reports with the click of a button.


Free Product-Market Fit Survey Templates

Not sure where to start? Jotform offers free, ready-made survey templates that you can fully customize without any coding or design knowledge. Drag and drop to add form elements, change fonts and colors, include your own branding, and much more.

Voice of the Customer Survey

Template voice-of-the-customer-survey
Template voice-of-the-customer-survey

Product Feedback Survey

Template product-feedback-survey
Template product-feedback-survey

Pricing Estimation Survey

Template pricing-estimation-survey
Template pricing-estimation-survey


Powerful Form Builder for PMF Survey

Get Critical Insights

Create and fully customize surveys to get the data you need with our drag-and-drop builder. Measure your customers’ experiences by including different question types, such as multiple choice, dropdown, open ended, rating scale, multi-selection, and more.

Manage & Analyze Data

Manage and analyze customer survey responses with Jotform Tables — our powerful spreadsheet- database software. You can also instantly generate professional-looking visual reports with Jotform Report Builder.

Share & Embed

Start collecting responses right away with Jotform’s many sharing options. Include the survey link in a social media post or email newsletter, generate a scannable QR code, or embed the survey directly in your company’s website with a simple copy-paste code.

Create Engaging Surveys

Make filling out your surveys as simple and engaging as possible by displaying one question at a time, allowing customers to save their responses and continue later, adding a progress bar, and more.

Collect Feedback Offline

No internet connection? No problem! You can still fill out forms even when offline. Once you’re back online, Jotform will automatically sync your data to your secure online dashboard.


What our users say about Jotform

Jotform is a very versatile tool. It is user friendly and I have utilized for many facets in our school district from taking surveys, registrations, nomination forms, field trip permission forms, consent and release agreements, ticket sales, questionnaires, tuition lottery applications, annual health history information forms, and the list goes on. Whenever a form or an information gathering application is called for I know I can use Jotform to create the form or tool to get the job accomplished. The new reports, analysis tools and pdf creator in Jotform just add to an already great product!

Lorie Becker Jessup, Communications Specialist, Community Unit School District 308

Learn More About Product Market Fit Survey

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What is a product-market fit survey?

A product-market fit survey gathers data to ensure that a product or service effectively fulfills the needs of the target customer base in order to sustain growth and turn a profit.

How do you evaluate product-market fit?

One of the best and most effective ways to evaluate product-market fit is to get feedback directly from customers by using focused surveys to ask the right questions.

What should I ask my users about product-market fit?

Some important questions you might ask your customers to determine product-market fit include

  • How often do you use our product or service?
  • Would you recommend our product or service to friends and family members?
  • What do you think sets us apart from our competitors?
  • What could we improve on?

Why is product-market fit so important?

Product-market fit is essential to a business because it can help to grow your business and scale your products and services to meet your customers’ needs.

Who is responsible for product-market fit?

The responsibility of determining product-market fit largely depends on the size of your company, but a product designer, user researcher, or product manager are typically in the best position to identify market needs.

What is a product-market fit pyramid?

A product-market fit pyramid is a hierarchical model that defines five key components of product-market fit: user experience, feature set, value proposition, underserved needs, and target customer.

What are the three steps to determine product-market fit?

The three steps to determining product-market fit are

  • Understanding your customers’ needs
  • Focusing on one significant value proposition
  • Building credibility

What are the five essential steps for estimating market size?

The five essential steps for estimating market size are

  • Formulate the value hypothesis
  • Specify the features of your minimum viable product
  • Build your minimum viable product
  • Test your minimum viable product with real users
  • Learn from your users and iterate

What are the six elements of market analysis?

The six elements of market analysis are

  • Researching your industry
  • Investigating competitors
  • Identifying market gaps
  • Defining your target market
  • Identifying barriers of entry
  • Creating a sales forecast

What’s an example of product-market fit?

Spotify is a good example of product-market fit. Early file-sharing programs showed that there was a large market for sharing and downloading music online, and Spotify filled that market with its own paid music-streaming service.