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Send custom emails to your form users based on their responses. With Jotform’s email logic feature, you can automatically send personalized emails to people who fill in your forms — to ensure you’re giving them the information they want and need.

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10,000+ Free Form Templates

Start with a ready-made form template and set up email logic to send personalized confirmation emails to the right people. Easy to customize in just a few clicks.

Application Form

Application Form

Onboarding Form

Onboarding Form

Site Inspection

Site Inspection


Instantly Email Logic Forms

  • Send Customized Emails Automatically

    Instantly send custom emails based on the answers submitted by form users. Personalize responses by adding unique contact details, event details, itinerary times, and more.

  • Speed Up Your Workflow

    No need to customize and send emails by hand — our email response logic can do it for you. It’s easy to set up conditional logic to send emails based on user responses. By reducing the time spent sorting out logistics, you can focus instead on what matters most.

  • Mobile-Friendly Online Forms

    Not only are our forms mobile-friendly for those filling out a form, but our free mobile app, Jotform Mobile Forms, also lets you view and manage your forms and form submissions on the go — even offline!


What our users say about Jotform

Jotform is an amazingly convenient tool for web design teams. We use it for both our client’s sites and our own. Jotform supports our client’s form goals without affecting the feel or purpose of the design. The integrations and automations save us a ton of time. We can customize the form and its function as we see fit. We are even able to customize email notifications with our own HTML. We’ve come upon other form providers over the years but they don’t compare as Jotform is continually advancing. Keep up the good work!

Andrew Jones, Web Designer, UpEngine