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Patient Tracker Template

Record patient progress online with this free spreadsheet for doctors. Easy to view, edit, and customize. Works on any device. HIPAA compliance features. No coding.


COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker

Keep track of your patients' vaccinations with a free COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker. Securely store patient info online. Opt for HIPAA compliance. Easy to customize.

Tracker Templates

Healthcare CRM

Free online healthcare CRM tool for private practices. Easy-to-view spreadsheet. Easy to customize. HIPAA compliance features. No coding.


Medication List Template

Keep track of medications with this free online spreadsheet. Perfect for doctors and patients. Easy to view and edit from any device. No coding required.


Client List Template

The Client List Template is a sheet that can be used for every job in customer relations and is used to list the general and necessary information of the customers. Whether you are a doctor, a salon owner or a mechanic, and a service owner, use this template!

List Templates

COVID-19 Log Sheet

Keep a record of people who visit your clinic for easy contact tracing. Help protect data with HIPAA compliance features. Easy to customize, share, and embed. Fill out on any device.

Log Sheets

Medical Chart Template

Keep track of patient health data in a professional online spreadsheet. Manage contact info, medications, appointments, and more. Opt for HIPAA compliance features.


Doctor Appointment Sign In Sheet

Manage patient data and appointments online. Free sign-in sheet template. View as a spreadsheet, calendar, or cards. Mobile-friendly. No coding.


COVID-19 Vaccination Database

Track patient health information online. Manage COVID-19 vaccine appointments. Easy to customize. View as a spreadsheet, calendar, or cards. HIPAA friendly option.

Tracker Templates

Exercise Log

Keep track of your workouts and meet your fitness goals. Free exercise log spreadsheet. Easy to edit, view, and share. Works on any device. No coding.

Log Sheets

Patient Sign In Sheet

Let patients check-in for appointments online. Free sign-in sheet for medical clinics and hospitals. Works on any device. HIPAA compliance option. No coding.


Medical Log Template

Manage patients’ health data with a free Medical Log Template. Easy to customize and fill out on any device. Protect data with HIPAA compliance features.


Blood Sugar Log Sheet

Record daily blood sugar levels in this free spreadsheet for doctors or diabetes patients. Easy to fill out. Works on any device. No coding necessary.

Tracker Templates

BMI Tracker

Meet weight loss goals faster! Record and monitor you or your patients’ BMI over time. View and edit results on any device. No coding required.

Tracker Templates

Caregiver Log

Free log template for caregivers. Easy to customize and share. Syncs to online forms. Add forms, tabs, assignees, and more. Works on any device. No coding.


Medication Schedule Template

Keep track of medications online with a free Medication Schedule Template. Manage dose frequency, side effects, and more. Ideal for caretakers or personal use.


COVID-19 Patient Symptom Tracker

Keep track of patients’ coronavirus test results, symptoms, medications, and more. Easy-to-customize online table template. Protect data with HIPAA compliance.

Tracker Templates

Blood Pressure Log Sheet

Keep track of patients’ blood pressures in a secure online table. View as a spreadsheet, calendar, or cards. Easy to customize. Protect with optional HIPAA-friendly plans.

Log Sheets

COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Log Template

Organize signed vaccine consent forms and administration records. Free log template for medical facilities. Easy to customize and download. No coding.

Log Sheets

About Healthcare

Whether you need to track patient progress, schedule medication times, log blood sugar levels, or find a healthcare CRM that does it all, keep your private practice organized with Jotform’s free Healthcare Spreadsheets! To get started, pick the Healthcare Spreadsheet Template below that best suits your needs, customize it, and enter patient or medication information directly into the spreadsheet. You can also have patients fill out your spreadsheet’s attached form and watch submissions appear in your spreadsheet automatically!

Customizing your Healthcare Spreadsheet Template doesn’t require coding or much of your valuable time — simply drag and drop to quickly rearrange rows and columns, separate information into new tabs, change label names and colors, and more. You can even switch between spreadsheet, calendar, card, and report view to see your information in a way that works best for you! And if you’re worried about security, don’t be — to help protect sensitive PHI data, Jotform offers signed BAAs and HIPAA compliance features to Gold users. Keep track of important patient information in one easily-accessible and secure place with Jotform’s Healthcare Spreadsheets!