Marketing Sheets

20 Templates

Social Media Calendar

Schedule social media posts in advance. Display your social media strategy as a visually stunning spreadsheet. Integrate with 80+ apps. No coding required.


Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Keep track of grant applications online with Jotform’s free Grant Tracking Spreadsheet. Available in spreadsheet or calendar view. Easy to customize and share.


Email Marketing Calendar Template

Organize your newsletters with a free Email Marketing Calendar Template. Track click rates, open rates, and analyze results to improve your email campaigns.


Shooting Schedule Template

Create a shooting schedule for your film or video — for free. Add scene details, shoot dates, and more. Download, print, share, and access on any device.


Marketing Plan Template

Meet marketing goals with our free marketing plan template. Easy to edit, view, and share. Works on any device. Perfect for your marketing team!


Social Media Analytics Template

Analyze your social media channels with a Social Media Analytics Template. Track posts, followers, likes, shares, conversions, and more. Free to use and customize.


Digital Marketing Campaign Template

Monitor your ad campaigns with a free Digital Marketing Campaign Template. View clicks, conversions, and total money spent. Info stored securely online.


Content Calendar Template

Boost your content marketing strategy with Jotform. Access and edit your Content Calendar from any device. Share with your team in seconds. No coding required.


Customer Feedback Log

Collect customer feedback online. Switch between spreadsheet, card, or report view to analyze the feedback. No coding required. Works great on any device.

Event Planning

Affiliate Tracking Template

Track your affiliate partners’ revenue, commission amounts, payment status, and more in a free online database. No coding required. Easy to customize and share.


Social Media Plan Template

Schedule social media posts for your company. Free calendar template for social media marketing. View as a spreadsheet. Easy to share and customize. No coding.


PR Tracker

Track and manage your PR efforts with a free online PR Tracker. View tasks and projects in a professional spreadsheet or calendar view. Easy to customize.


Editorial Calendar Template

Never miss a deadline again with our free editorial calendar. Easy to view and edit from any device. Perfect for content creators and publishers. No coding.


Social Media Audit Template

Evaluate your social media channels with a Social Media Audit Template. Monitor your campaigns in a free spreadsheet. Improve your social media presence.


Design Request List

Organize graphic design requests with our free online spreadsheet template. Track request details, work progress, and invoices. Easy to customize and update.


Customer Info Sheet

Collect, store, and manage customer information in one secure and easily accessible database. Easy to customize, download, and share. Works on any device.


Rainbow Sheet

Record behavioral patterns and store participant information securely with free online spreadsheets. Fully customizable with no coding required.


Content Audit Template

Monitor and update content on your website with a free Content Audit Template. Easily track due dates, keywords, and writer or designer contact details.


Gift Planner

Become the best gift giver ever. Keep track of all your presents for clients, family, friends, and more. Free and easy to customize. Access on any device. No coding.


Customer Journey Map Template

Keep track of each step of the customer journey. Easy-to-customize table template. Switch between spreadsheet, card, and calendar view. Collaborate online.


About Marketing

Get organized and ensure your next marketing campaign runs smoothly with our free online Marketing Templates! Choose a template below to create a social media or email marketing calendar, track design requests, monitor campaign progress, and more. All information can be viewed in either a spreadsheet or calendar view, allowing you to choose the format that will help you be most productive.

If you don’t see a template that suits your needs exactly, customize one to better suit your business. In a couple of clicks you can quickly add new tabs, columns, and color-coded labels! So whether you’re planning out your social media calendar, creating a schedule for YouTube video shoots, or tracking internal requests and analytics, use our free Marketing Templates to organize information and boost your campaigns.