Form Templates Gallery Released: Over 500 Ready to Use Forms!

Form Templates Gallery Released: Over 500 Ready to Use Forms!

We are happy to release the world’s largest collection of form templates. It is all FREE and ready to use today!

Blazingly Fast

One of our main design goals was to make sure that the form templates can be found and consumed quickly. To accomplish this goal our engineers come up with a blazingly fast search engine that is powered by backbone.js and MongoDB. We have also taken screenshots of all of the forms. So, you can search for a form keyword and quickly view the forms visually under a second.

Amazing Coverage

We have done a lot of research on the most commonly used forms. Our first thought was that 100 forms might have been more than enough. When we reached 100 forms, we were still not happy with the coverage. So, we kept creating more and more forms. We now have over 500 form templates. With such a wide coverage, when you need a form you will find a template exactly for your needs. If you cannot find a template you are looking for please post a comment below and we will make it happen! 🙂


One of my favorite features of Form Templates is to be able to see how many times a form was cloned by others. You can sort forms by usage numbers and discover useful forms.

share on form gallery

Form Templates will also be a rich and lively place since you can share your forms with others. We hope that many Jotform users will share their forms.

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Mobile Friendly

Creating a form on a mobile phone or tablet is not an easy task. So, using a template can make a big difference. That’s why we made sure that Form Templates works well on mobile browsers and tablets.

Image of Jotform Online Form Templates Page

No Account Required

Form Templates can be used without creating a Jotform account. Find a form template you need, clone it, setup emails, and copy the form code to your web site. In 5 minutes, you can have a great looking and fully-functional form on your web site.

We are very excited about Form Templates. We hope that you will also enjoy it and it will save you time. If you have any suggestions please share with us in the comments.

Aytekin Tank is the founder and CEO of Jotform and the bestselling author of Automate Your Busywork. A developer by trade but a storyteller by heart, he writes about his journey as an entrepreneur and shares advice for other startups. He loves to hear from Jotform users. You can reach Aytekin from his official website

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