15 best WordPress plug-ins for counselors

Running an effective counseling practice — especially if you’re just starting out — requires organization, flexibility, and consent. It also requires a fast, efficient, HIPAA-friendly website that helps prospective clients find further information and existing clients book appointments.

Fortunately, you don’t have to hire a developer or learn code to enhance your website. If your site is built with WordPress, you can use plug-ins, or bite-sized software additions, to make quick, practical changes that can reduce your no-show rate, boost your earnings, and help your business grow and scale.

Here are 15 of the best WordPress plug-ins for counselors.

1. Business Directory Plugin

screenshot of business directory plugin

Business Directory Plugin allows users to add a business directory on their WordPress website, whether that’s an employee directory of everyone who works in the clinic or a compilation of a counselor’s customer reviews. This plug-in is both versatile and easy to use.

2. Jotform

Jotform, a fully customizable, code-free online form builder, offers one of the best WordPress plug-ins for counselors. Use it to create HIPAA-friendly online forms — such as medical history, informed consent, and various types of counselor forms — as well as apps.

Then, when you’re ready to share them, simply use the plug-in to embed your forms into your WordPress website using the WordPress editor. Best of all, with Jotform, you can prioritize customer and business data protection. Jotform offers CAPTCHA fields, 256-bit SSL, form encryption, and password protection to keep your therapy website safe.

3. Premium Chat

Screenshot of premium chat

Another one of the best WordPress plug-ins for counselors is Premium Chat, a live chat billing solution that allows you to charge by the minute or with a flat rate. As the popularity of telehealth increases, this plug-in gives counselors the ability to offer remote services and speak with their clients in a user-friendly, one-on-one, text chat setting.

4. Yellow Schedule

Screenshot of yellow schedule

On the hunt for a fast, secure, scheduling system that helps with HIPAA compliance for your counseling business? Look no further than Yellow Schedule, the plug-in that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website for convenient 24-7 customer bookings. You can reduce no-shows with this plug-in’s SMS text reminder feature and get instant notifications when clients schedule an appointment, make a payment, or send you a message. 


Screenshot of HIPAA Forms

With HIPAA FORMS, you can create a contact form that helps with HIPAA compliance for your WordPress website. This plug-in, which integrates with both Caldera Forms and Gravity Forms, places a badge that enables HIPAA compliance and a signature field on your form. Then, once your client signs and submits the form, it’s encrypted and securely stored within a storage solution that helps with HIPAA compliance, and only someone with the proper login credentials can access it.

6. HIPAAtizer

Screenshot of HIPAAtizer

HIPAAtizer, a form builder that helps you remain HIPAA-friendly, also makes the list of best WordPress plug-ins for counselors. Whether you create a form from scratch or use one of their premade templates, you can customize and publish it on your website knowing it’s properly securing all protected health information (PHI).

7. Comm100 Live Chat & Chatbot

screenshot of comm100 live chat & chatbox

Sometimes, no matter how much you prefer to meet in person with your client, it’s just not possible, which is why Comm100 Live Chat & Chatbot is so invaluable. With this plug-in, you can connect with your clients via live chat, audio and video chat, WeChat, mobile texting, and more. Comm100 is safe and secure, too, helping the highest standards of data protection, including PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance.

8. Jituzu Tools

Screenshot of jituzi tools

In addition to providing forms that help with HIPAA compliance for your counseling website and business, Jituzu Tools also offers scheduling and video conferencing that enable HIPAA compliance. This plug-in is easy to install and use, and it offers better, more organized control of your online scheduling, appointment reminders, and bill pay.

9. Wappointment

Screenshot of wappointment

Wappointment’s ability to deliver quick, efficient client booking is one reason it makes the list of the best WordPress plug-ins for counselors. In just seconds, your clients can use Wappointment to book appointments with you via Zoom or Google Meet or in your office. They’ll even receive appointment confirmations and reminders, so there’s less chance that they’ll miss meeting with you.

10. KI Live Video

Screenshot of KI Live video conferences

Whether you need video conferencing functionality to speak to clients, employees, or vendors, the KI Live Video plug-in makes all parties feel like they’re in the same room. This plug-in offers audio and video meeting capabilities as well as chat, screen sharing, and recording — including for international meetings — for all your communication and collaboration needs.

11. Booking Calendar

Screenshot of booking calendar

Another fantastic WordPress scheduling plug-in is Booking Calendar, which allows users to display a user-friendly calendar directly on their WordPress website. With Booking Calendar, your clients can check your availability and book an appointment in seconds, triggering a submission notification that’s immediately sent to your inbox.

12. MJM Clinic

Screenshot of MJM Clinic

Not only does MJM Clinic enable your customers to book appointments, but it also lets you include other helpful information on your WordPress site, like clinic locations, staff pages, and client reviews. This plug-in helps keep your site organized, engaging, and chock-full of valuable information to boost the customer experience.

13. LifePress

Screenshot of lifepress

LifePress, a calendar-based journal plug-in, helps counselors record and track client progress. Using LifePress, you can record an unlimited number of events (with lengthy descriptions), edit them in real time, and search through them by timeframe.

14. WPBackItUp Backup Plugin

Screenshot of wpbackitup backup

Looking for a way to keep your website — and client data — safe and secure? Check out WPBackItUp Backup Plugin, the powerful plug-in that protects your site against a whole range of problems, from hackers and malware to site outages.

With WPBackItUp Backup Plugin, you get a compressed backup of your entire therapy website — regardless of size. If something goes wrong, you can easily download the backup directly from your WordPress dashboard.

15. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Screenshot of limit login attempts reloaded

With more than 2 million downloads across the globe, Limit Login Attempts Reloaded knows a thing or two about cybersecurity. In addition to preventing cyberattacks and optimizing your website’s performance, this plug-in limits the number of login attempts that can occur before locking out potential hackers. If this happens, you’ll also get an immediate notification of how many attempts were made.

A counselor’s website is like an elevator pitch. It’s one of your few chances to impress your prospective clients and make them want to work with you. Make sure you pitch it the right way with a stunning WordPress website and any of these 15 best WordPress plug-ins for counselors.

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