The 5 best HIPAA One alternatives in 2024

The 5 best HIPAA One alternatives in 2024

Healthcare providers want to help their patients. This requires not only providing stellar healthcare services but also securing patients’ protected health information (PHI). HIPAA regulations provide the guidance healthcare professionals need to safeguard their patients’ PHI and, thus, their practices.

HIPAA compliance isn’t something you do once; it’s a continuous process. With every interaction, providers must follow the rules and regulations set out by law. Compliance covers multiple areas of business, so it requires vigilance to ensure your practice isn’t at risk.

The requirements for HIPAA compliance include

  • Completing self-audits
  • Creating HIPAA documentation
  • Developing a remediation plan
  • Managing business associates
  • Developing and implementing policies, procedures, and employee training
  • Handling incidents correctly

Managing every aspect of HIPAA compliance is a full-time endeavor. The penalties for neglecting HIPAA compliance may include heavy fines, and non-compliance could even have brand-damaging consequences.

This is why many practices use software solutions for HIPAA compliance. One such solution is HIPAA One. We’ll look at what HIPAA One is and consider some of its alternatives.

HIPAA One and compliance risk assessment

Modern healthcare organizations should conduct regular security risk assessments to ensure that their practices are HIPAA-friendly. HIPAA One’s service helps healthcare practices run different types of assessments, such as self-assessments, facilitated remote assessments, and validated assessments.

HIPAA One walks users through compliance in a step-by-step manner. The software also stays up to date with citations for the OCR audit protocol and NIST SP 800. Additionally, HIPAA One gives clients access to a network of certified assessors. This full-service provider helps clients with everything from gap assessments to final reporting.

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Five alternatives to HIPAA One

1. Medtrainer

MedTrainer helps organizations enable compliance automation. Its offering covers learning, credentialing, and compliance. The learning section has a large course library designed for OSHA and HIPAA compliance as well as team training.

Image of Medtrainer

The compliance section allows clients to assign, track, and report on employee assignments as well as maintain required documentation in one place. Finally, credentialing helps clients verify and track partner qualifications and verify credentials.

MedTrainer enables teams to choose which components of the software they need and offers per-user pricing that’s friendly for smaller practices.

2. Healthicity

Healthicity’s goal is to simplify healthcare compliance. It’s an all-in-one solution that provides tools for compliance, auditing, and training.

Image of Healthicity

Healthicity’s tools help you manage HIPAA-related incidents from start to finish, identify compliance risks to your medical practice, and provide training for employees. The software is highly rated on G2 and has transparent pricing on its website.

3. HIPAA Ready

HIPAA Ready is a compliance application provided by CloudApper. One of the unique features of this application is its customization options. It gives providers the ability to tailor their app to their practice’s unique needs ― without coding experience.

Image of HIPAA Ready

HIPAA Ready also provides templates that help speed along the customization process. The software helps teams manage digital tasks, meetings, issues, and training information from a single location. The company offers straightforward, low-cost pricing for smaller practices.

4. RegPathway

RegPathway is a software solution that helps organizations enable HIPAA compliance. The application is backed by RegLantern’s team of consultants, who assist clients with compliance issues. They provide assistance with mock site surveys, policy and procedure development and review, support for the software solution, and more.

Image of RegPathway

5. UptimeHealth

UptimeHealth is different from the other options on this list, as it deals with medical device management and compliance instead of overall compliance. Its goal is to help providers track and manage device compliance tasks from a single location. It also helps teams track service vendors so they have all their medical equipment information in a single dashboard.

Image of UptimeHealth

A simple tool that helps with HIPAA compliance to manage PHI

Every provider’s needs are different, and the right tool can simplify the way your team works.

What if you need to create forms for your efforts that enable HIPAA compliance, convert analog processes into digital processes, or securely collect and store PHI? Jotform has forms designed for HIPAA compliance that help you fulfill tasks like these and more.

Clients love Jotform because it allows them to keep their current workflows while adding digital tools that enable HIPAA compliance by default. For example, Jotform integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Google Drive, Salesforce, and PayPal.

With over 150 integrations, Jotform makes it easy to connect its tools with your practice’s software. Learn how you can start creating HIPAA-friendly forms in just a few minutes.

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