Top 5 intakeQ alternatives for 2024

Top 5 intakeQ alternatives for 2024

What’s worse than going to the doctor? Going to the doctor and having to fill out heaps and heaps of paperwork in a cold, uncomfortable waiting room before the doctor even examines you.

Fortunately, patient intake software — like intakeQ — helps transform that potentially pesky, albeit necessary, experience in three ways: replacing outdated patient intake forms with online forms, using technology to speed communication, reducing stress on your staff, and ensuring your practice is professional and responsive.

With intakeQ, healthcare professionals can send intake or healthcare consent forms to clients privately or place them on their website for clients to fill out. Next, the client completes and e-signs those consent forms (which are HIPAA friendly). Finally, intakeQ notifies you via email when a client has completed their form so you can add notes or review, download, or print it prior to their appointment.

While this process is much less time-consuming than filling forms out online, intakeQ isn’t the only company that offers a digital option for the patient intake process. If you want to do some research, take a look at a few intakeQ alternatives.

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Speed up your patient intake process with HIPAA-friendly online forms.

1. SimplePractice

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SimplePractice boasts a lot of big-name partners in the industry, and it’s the quintessential practice management software. As an intakeQ alternative, SimplePractice not only allows you to offer a paperless intake process — it also simplifies your insurance claims process, streamlines care through its client portal, and helps you fill and maintain your appointment schedule.

Plus, thanks to its website builder, you can beautify your online presence and create a centralized portal with everything your clients need in one place. And the best part? It’s inexpensive. Starting at $29 per month — designed for a single clinician — you get unlimited clients, paperless intakes, and online payments.

2. TheraNest

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Another intakeQ alternative, TheraNest is a practice management software system designed for therapists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors. The HIPAA-friendly platform offers billing management, unlimited note templates for clinical documentation (for both individual or group therapy), scheduling and calendar synchronization, and e-prescriptions.

Like SimplePractice, it’s only $39 per month for features that include automatic appointment reminders, customizable intake forms, client and insurance billing, and unlimited document storage. For extra fees, you can tack on helpful upgrades like its Wiley Practice Planner, which gives you access to more than 1,000 prewritten treatment goals and progress notes. Other add-ons include a fully integrated client portal and telehealth sessions.

3. Jotform

Because it’s a customizable form builder, Jotform is also another great intakeQ alternative that offers the ultimate flexibility. With Jotform, you can create forms to collect the information you need — from patient intake forms and registration forms to appointment requests and client surveys.

To get started, you can use Jotform’s HIPAA-friendly form templates to create whatever you need for your practice. You can also customize forms with your branding, have your staff approve forms through Jotform Approvals, and store patient information from forms in Jotform Tables to create a client relationship management system. All forms are mobile-friendly, so your clients can fill out forms at their convenience.

4. Power Diary

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If better patient retention is one of your current practice goals, Power Diary may be a viable intakeQ alternative for you. Through its client portal, this online practice management software system gives customers 24-7 access to intake forms, online scheduling, and a number of easy-to-use digital payment options.

It’s a win-win for staff, too, as some features — like the portal, for example — improve internal communication and workflows, creating a happier, more organized workplace. What’s more, Power Diary grows with your practice, thanks to its unlimited data storage. Regarding price, it’s also one of the cheaper options at just $10 per week for one practitioner ($16 per week if you have two or three).

5. vcita

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With more than 1.4 million users worldwide, vcita is an intakeQ alternative you can trust. It’s a business management system that helps with everything from scheduling and billing to client management and marketing. Plus, its easy-to-use app allows you to onboard new clients quickly and efficiently, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

If you manage your practice alone, vcita will charge you only $29 per month for its features, which include online scheduling and payments, Zoom integration, a client portal, and automated reminders. The larger your team is, however, the more expensive the packages get.

Ultimately, you have to choose which business management system is best for your practice, clients, and bottom line. Whether you use intakeQ or an intakeQ alternative like Jotform, going paperless with practice management software is essential to running a functional business. It’s also more convenient for your clients and helps you focus more on their well-being.

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