The essential guide to WebPT: Revolutionizing physical therapy management

WebPT is a cloud-based platform for rehab therapy professionals. Born from the need for a more specialized approach to physical therapy management, it offers an array of features designed to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and optimize billing processes.

WebPT offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help manage patient records, appointments, billing, and compliance with healthcare regulations. Its user-friendly interface and specialized features make it a popular choice in the physical therapy community.

User Interface of WebPT

Key features and benefits

  • Patient acquisition and retention: WebPT provides tools for marketing automation as well as managing a practice’s online presence and local listings. These tools help you simplify the process of growing your patient base and keeping in contact with current clients. 
  • Front office: The front office toolset includes solutions for digital patient intake, scheduling, electronic benefits verification, and secure messaging to reduce patient wait times and simplify registration. 
  • Clinical operations: WebPT also improves clinic efficiency through its flexible electronic medical records management, home exercise programs, and telehealth capabilities. 
  • Billing and payments: Nothing can hurt a growing practice more than unpaid bills. WebPT’s billing software connects your billing with front office tools, ensuring the patient process is seamless from beginning to end. 
  • Revenue cycle management: WebPT lets you outsource your revenue work to its expert team or leverage a hybrid model in which you keep control of payment posting and the patient account follow-up process. 

Delivered as a single user-friendly platform, WebPT improves compliance with healthcare regulations while enhancing patient engagement.

The cost of WebPT

While WebPT doesn’t provide transparent pricing on its website, we gleaned some pricing information from various internet sources. Pricing seems to start around $99 per month, per provider, which doesn’t include the setup fee. WebPT also offers a customized enterprise option, which is priced based on the organization’s needs.

In our research, we didn’t find any mention of a free version or trial, which may deter some clients from trying it. Overall, pricing seems to be pretty competitive with other solutions on the market. Ultimately, the best way to get a handle on pricing for your organization is to schedule a consultation with the WebPT team.

Several factors can influence the cost of WebPT, including the number of providers, the volume of patients, and the selected features. Clinics can control expenses by accurately assessing their needs, choosing only essential features, and scaling as they grow. Additionally, using WebPT’s training resources can reduce the need for external support and further lower expenses.

Market comparison and unique offerings

When stacked against competitors, WebPT stands out for its comprehensive feature set and customizable pricing models. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, WebPT addresses specific challenges physical therapists face. Its user-friendly interface and robust reporting tools provide tangible value beyond basic management functions. But what about its competitors? Let’s consider a few:

  • Clinicient
    • Differentiator: Offers an integrated EMR (electronic medical records) and billing solution in one platform, focusing on reducing the time spent on documentation and billing processes. Clinicient also provides a personalized approach to customer service and training.
    • Pricing: Clinicient requires interested parties to contact its sales team for the latest pricing information. 
  • TheraOffice
    • Differentiator: Developed by physical therapists, it offers flexibility and scalability, catering to both small clinics and large multisite practices. TheraOffice is recognized for its strong emphasis on data analysis and reporting capabilities.
    • Pricing: TheraOffice requires interested parties to contact its sales team for the latest pricing information. 
  • Kareo Clinical EHR
    • Differentiator: Kareo is known for its user-friendly design and affordability. It’s aimed primarily at small to mid-sized practices and offers integrated billing, practice management, and marketing services alongside its EHR.
    • Pricing: Kareo Clinical EHR requires interested parties to contact its sales team for the latest pricing information. 

User feedback on WebPT’s pricing

User reviews highlight WebPT’s transparency and value for the money. While some note that pricing can be on the higher side, the majority appreciate the return on investment in terms of the time they save and the revenue they generate. Positive feedback emphasizes the software’s ability to streamline administrative tasks and improve patient care.


  1. Is the pricing flexible? WebPT offers customizable pricing based on your clinic’s specific needs and size.
  2. Can I change plans as my clinic grows? WebPT’s scalable solutions are designed to grow with your clinic.
  3. Are there any hidden fees? Transparency is a core value for WebPT; all potential fees are discussed up front.
  4. Does WebPT offer a free trial? Prospective users should contact WebPT directly for any trial offers and demos.

Jotform: An alternative to WebPT

Jotform is prized for its vast selection of HIPAA-friendly medical form templates. (Please note that HIPAA features are available only for those on Gold or Enterprise plans.)

Jotform’s user-friendly interface allows healthcare providers to quickly design custom physical therapy intake forms, telehealth documents, feedback surveys, and patient registration forms. There’s even a Jotform physical therapy app you can use for appointment scheduling, collecting informed consent, and gathering intake forms.

Jotform helps streamline the process of collecting and organizing patient information, which translates into a more efficient appointment scheduling process and a reduction in the time you spend on paperwork.

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