Kissflow vs Process Street

In a fast-paced business environment, an organization may be juggling so many types of projects that employees have to dedicate part of the workday solely to figuring out how to get it all done.

Workflow management software is the number one tool in your arsenal for keeping projects and everyday operations organized, efficient, and trackable. Two of the best solutions are Kissflow and Process Street, but which one is right for your organization?

Kissflow overview

Kissflow puts the power to create complex workflows directly into the hands of the people who execute them. Even users who have never built a workflow can set up processes in minutes. More than 10,000 organizations in 160-plus countries use the platform to handle business and increase productivity.

Process Street overview

Process Street works at the intersection of simplicity and efficiency. This platform focuses on streamlining and automating recurring and essential business processes, recognizing that organizations are only as good as the way they handle everyday action items.

Process Street excels at formatting project responsibilities as checklists, which makes it especially useful for approval workflows. You can even use the platform to draft standard operating procedure documents.

Key features

Put simply, Kissflow provides a framework for users to create the workflow management platform of their dreams. Kissflow also creates a digital paper trail of every workflow action, leading to deep-dive audits that can help identify bottlenecks and further refine business procedures.

As the name implies, Process Street focuses on streamlining recurring processes and workflows. The platform helps standardize and automate procedures for employee onboarding, new client setup, IT help desk support, invoicing, and less common practices, such as publishing content. The best part? It’s trusted by creative startups like Spotify and Airbnb.

So when it comes to key features, Kissflow is more versatile and customizable. However, Process Street’s focus on standardized and recurring workflows is something every growing organization can benefit from.

Supported languages

Kissflow is available in English, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, and French, whereas Process Street is only available in English. Between Kissflow and Process Street, Kissflow is better suited for global organizations.


Kissflow offers various services, from project roadmapping to workflow management and digital workspaces. Pricing plans begin at $1500 per month with the Basic plan.

Starting at $100 per month, Process Street offers unlimited checklists and templates, process documentation, reporting, and over 1,000 integrations, among other capabilities.


Kissflow is loyal to Google Apps, but it now also integrates with Xero, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Slack, and Trello — all through Zapier. It also integrates with a number of finance and bookkeeping applications, including Stripe, PayPal, and QuickBooks (both online and desktop versions), also through Zapier.

Process Street integrates with more marketing and customer relationship management platforms than Kissflow, including Salesforce (native) and Mailchimp and HubSpot (both through Zapier). With its focus on recurring workflows, the platform also integrates with Airtable (natively) and Asana and Trello (both through Zapier).

The pros and cons of Kissflow and Process Street

Kissflow is a great all-around platform. It’s especially suitable for first-time workflow management software users, as it helps anyone set up solid processes without training. Though Kissflow provides the framework for building highly customized processes, creating advanced behaviors — like parallel routing — can be a challenge.

Process Street excels at documenting processes, tracking work in progress, and improving productivity in recurring processes. This saves an incredible amount of time and money.

The company constantly tweaks and improves the app interface based on customer feedback and internal insights, and many customers report that Process Street offers responsive support. Still, the platform can lack some of the visual panache that inspires the kind of participation seen on other workflow management platforms.

The Jotform alternative to Kissflow and Process Street

In the Kissflow vs Process Street debate, the best workflow software for your company might be neither. Jotform Approvals allows users to configure complex, multi-level workflows with efficient features that surpass what you’ll find with other tools. 

For example, organizations can use Jotform’s online forms to streamline data collection from team members and customers alike. And they can build approval workflows with an online form as a starting point.

Workflow management software has helped organizations improve their productivity for years — and there are as many solutions on the marketplace as there are needs. Your search for the right platform doesn’t have to be limited to Kissflow vs Process Street when Jotform offers more than one way to tackle workflow management.

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