The best ProWorkflow alternatives in 2024

Strong administrative and review processes are the foundation of good business practices. Even before the advent of digital workflow productivity tools, proper organization and task management were paramount to building a reputation for growth and efficiency. Thankfully, technology now automates much of this work.

The software that makes this possible, known as a workflow application, typically provides an intuitive interface where workers access the tasks that make up a process. ProWorkflow is one such workflow and project management application — and a wide variety of industries use it to improve productivity. However, it may not meet the needs of all users, causing some to look for ProWorkflow alternatives.

Popular ProWorkflow alternatives

Despite ProWorkflow’s popularity, it falls short for some businesses and teams that need advanced features. To help you start your search, here’s a list of some of the most popular alternatives.

1. Jotform Approvals

Jotform Approvals is exactly what today’s companies are looking for in an approval workflow automation tool. This ProWorkflow alternative allows you to build custom workflows for approvals and other review processes and features custom notification emails and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Jotform Approvals allows users to customize outcomes beyond simply “approved” or “denied” — your company can set up advanced conditional logic for personalized approval flow conditions. Each person tasked with filling out a form can send their work to a specific approver, and users can add comments to submissions.

Thanks to Jotform’s interconnected suite of workflow services, you can easily track approval flows from any device with Jotform Tables and the Jotform Mobile Forms app. Plus, the Group Approvals feature allows multiple team members to submit approvals and edit assets in one place, as well as collaborate on data, assign roles, improve workflows, and more. You can even create an automated completion rule for your flow that requires a response from everyone in your group, a majority, one person, or even a specific number of people. 

If you want a workflow application that’s both easy to use and inexpensive, Jotform Approvals may be the perfect fit.

2. Kissflow

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Kissflow is widely considered to be a user-friendly product compared to other tools on the market. The company refers to its software as a “unified digital workplace platform” where all your workflow applications unite in one workspace. Users can modify and create their own workflow tools without coding or complex mapping experience.

However, Kissflow is a more expensive ProWorkflow alternative, and many users have complained that its high cost results in a slower return on investment (ROI) than other competitors’ offerings.

3. Trainual

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Trainual is a popular knowledge database and training platform that improves the onboarding and on-the-job learning process for employees. As such, its features are somewhat limited compared to some of the other options on this list.

The benefits of this app include increased training accountability, more seamless delegation of onboarding tasks, and more efficient new-hire orientation. While users have said that Trainual is great at providing customer support, its cost also means a slower ROI.

4. Pipefy

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Pipefy is a general workflow application. The company’s simple platform works well for teams with little to no coding knowledge or capabilities.

Enterprise-class automations make Pipefy a good choice for larger organizations, with companies around the world using it to streamline workflows, manage tasks, and track compliance.

Common complaints about Pipefy include the lack of general error notifications that inform users when processes aren’t working as intended and a scarcity of analytical tools.


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A prime ProWorkflow alternative, is great for those who have a lot of cash to spend on workflow applications. As a very usable product, offers dedicated apps to build a collaborative workspace for employees.

6. Laserfiche

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Calling itself one of the first companies to pioneer the paperless office, Laserfiche earned its reputation as a productive content management and business process automation platform. The app offers automated electronic forms, analytics, and document management to help businesses with their digital transformation.

It’s worth noting that Laserfiche is both easy-to-use and relatively expensive, with a slower path to ROI.

7. Process Street

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Process Street

Process Street’s streamlined platform manages and hosts commonly recurring workflows for businesses. These include automated new hire, expense, and content approvals — among many other functions.

Although the company says its app is packed with more than 1,,000 tools and features, some users have suggested that it overlooks important elements, such as advanced process reporting.

As you decide which platform is best for your team, take a look at the full suite of features that come with Jotform Approvals, including Jotform’s signature Form Builder and form templates. With so many workflow applications available, you’ll be able to quickly find a solution that best fits your company — one that makes your job easier, your employees more productive, and your processes a breeze.

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