Approval Donkey alternatives in 2024

Businesses that haven’t implemented approval software into their workflows are missing the benefits of moving content and administrative reviews to a centralized platform. Thankfully, dozens of business software applications on the market include dedicated approval platforms as well as productivity suites with approval functions.

Approval Donkey is one of the more popular options, providing many of the features users have come to expect from approval software services, including the ability to create workflows from approval requests, integrate with software like Slack and Google Sheets, and automate the review process.

However, when searching for the most productive approval and review system for their teams, some businesses look for Approval Donkey alternatives. Thankfully, the approval software industry offers plenty of choices and variety. With a little help, finding the right approval platform for your workflow can be painless.

What is approval software?

For the uninitiated, approval software is any internet-connected platform that allows users to submit files, data, and other content for management review. 

Human resources departments, for instance, can send hire requests through the software and receive approval for various personnel moves. Accounting, on the other hand, can run its expense approval process through the software, creating a data trail for future audits. Many approval applications host an array of files for visual inspection, making them a perfect companion for a creative team.

Finding the right approval software

Choosing an approval software platform that fits in your workflow is vital. Here are the top 10 approval programs that can make your review process more efficient and transparent.

1. Jotform Approvals

One of the newer Approval Donkey alternatives, Jotform Approvals complements the robust Jotform ecosystem — and you can set it up in minutes. Through the platform’s drag-and-drop interface, users can streamline the approval process with dedicated online forms to create an automated approval workflow.

One of the key features of Jotform Approvals is the functionality of Jotform’s trusted Form Builder. Jotform specializes in the creation of customizable online forms, so your team has a one-stop shop for all of its approval form needs.

And if you or your employees are on the go, you can use Jotform’s Mobile Forms app to send and fill out approvals while remote. Plus, you can see your approvals in a unified database with Jotform Tables.

Pro Tip

Create your own automated approval flow today with Jotform Approvals. It’s free, and requires no coding!

2. Filestage

This Approval Donkey alternative simplifies the content review process, ensuring you can easily share JPEGs, PDFs, and video files with both the creative team and clients. As they conduct their reviews, stakeholders can comment on files, creating real-time dialogue between creators and managers.

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3. Aproove

More aptly described as a work management tool, Aproove offers a number of productivity tools alongside its approval and review functions. Commenters can use the app’s markup tools to add text or even freehand writing to a file. Additional Aproove features include a kanban view, customizable forms, and document version management.

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4. Cflow

Cflow emphasizes automatic email notifications based on manual deadlines to keep the approval process running smoothly. Users can send these customizable notifications from a personalized domain — allowing for flexibility in their messaging. The company also offers video tutorials for teams looking to quickly integrate the app into their workflow.

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5. Asana

A widely used project management tool, Asana is gradually rolling out approval functions to stake its claim as an Approval Donkey alternative. Within the existing Asana platform, users can turn any task into an approval, noted as a square icon on the Asana user interface. However, only teams with an Asana Business or Enterprise subscription can access approval features.

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6. WebProof

As a dedicated online proofing solution, WebProof doesn’t provide the same suite of features as other approval apps in larger project management ecosystems. However, WebProof is an interesting Approval Donkey alternative for graphics teams that need a platform to smoothly handle complex files. These files can include larger works, such as magazines or e-books, which require more involved reviews.


7. Kissflow

Thanks to a user base spread over more than 100 countries, Kissflow is well known as a versatile project management tool. With its workflow functions, users add approval requests and deadlines on top of progress-tracking abilities. Kissflow also integrates with Zapier and offers an app for iPhones and Android devices. 

However, a common complaint among Kissflow users is that its tracking metrics could be more user-friendly.

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8. TrackVia

Companies that are equipped to customize their workflow systems with coding may find TrackVia worth their time. With a customizable dashboard, mobile access, and compliance tracking, TrackVia is enticing for large businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses may be priced out, unfortunately, as the starting price is steep compared to other software on the market.

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9. Knack

On the more affordable side, database maker Knack creates centralized workflows for approval and review. Knack, which easily integrates with CSV files, is an Approval Donkey alternative for businesses already familiar with a spreadsheet-oriented workflow.

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10. Zapier

With Zapier, users design workflows by connecting to other apps through what the company calls “Zaps.” Teams relying on many different apps may benefit from a workflow powered by Zapier. However, these “Zaps” may not always directly transfer over this information, requiring manual intervention.

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If you’re looking for productivity tools to unify your workspace, workflow approval software is your best solution. Researching which software will best serve your business is an indispensable step to streamlining your approval processes — no matter your industry.

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