How to market your products to busy parents

How to market your products to busy parents

If you’re a business trying to market to parents, you’re mainly looking at Generation Y, or Millennials. This group of people has a unique set of interests and understanding them will help you better address them. Millennials grew up on technology so they’re used to getting results quickly and efficiently, whether that’s at work or at home. And over the last few years, it seems like personality quizzes have become a viral trend. Maybe it’s because they’re fun. Or maybe it’s because they give us a different perspective on our journey of self discovery. Huffington Post calls it narrative psychology. By keeping these tendencies in mind, you can put together an effective strategy for marketing to young parents.

Easy-to-use online forms can be a great tool for signing up new customers and gaining traction for your programs. To ensure the optimal experience for busy parents, make sure your forms are concise and only ask for the most important information. You can even take the extra step and format your forms to resemble quizzes, with fewer open-ended questions and clickable options that follow a logical path. Once the form has been completed, make sure to put together a confirmation page so your new customers know exactly what they signed up for. And if available, offer them additional links or content so they have resources at their fingertips.

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Forms are not the only method for optimizing your website to market to young parents. Content organization will be another key tool. Run tests on friends, family, and focus groups to see what types of information people look for when they visit your website. Once you see a pattern, make sure those key pieces of easy to find. By doing so, you can minimize the number of clicks a visitor has to make before they sign up, creating a much more frictionless path.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising are useful methods for reaching parents. Research shows that Millennials are using social media and search engines as their primary means for finding all sorts of information, including news, entertainment, and anything that has to do with their day to day life. This is why it’s important to realize that your website needs to be optimized for organic search engine traffic. The people who already know your business and visit your website directly are not new customers. Help your site be ranked as high as possible for keywords and phrases that describe your services. And if you have the budget available, start experimenting with paid advertising to make sure you’re still showing up in search results while you’re working on your SEO.

You can attract even more attention by capitalizing on the steady popularization of social media. Depending on your type of business, you might decide on one or all social media channels as the best avenue for reaching busy parents. If your products are more visual, Instagram is a great place to showcase different items or services. Build up your presence by regularly adding pictures to your account and make sure your Instagram bio is updated with fresh links each time to relevant content. Best of all, creating social media profiles and maintaining them are free for the most part. Just invest some time and research to understand all of the available capabilities of each channel and pick the best one(s) for your business.

Marina holds a degree in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. Hailing from Boston, she loves traveling, concerts, and spinning classes.

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