6 best WordPress plug-ins for human resources

From customer service and marketing to sales and IT, every department in every organization has specific roles and responsibilities. Each plays a part in keeping processes running smoothly and ultimately helping the organization succeed.

But the human resources (HR) department is especially essential in protecting the interests of both employees and employers. HR ensures compliance with laws and regulations, provides training and development, creates policies, and resolves conflicts to help everyone feel safe, valued, and supported in the workplace. Because HR is so crucial to an organization’s overall success, these departments need technology they can count on.

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Enter website builder WordPress and its library of practical plug-ins. These software additions allow you to manage human resources through your company’s WordPress website, regardless of users’ coding experience. Here are the six best WordPress website plug-ins for human resources.



WP ERP (short for WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning) is easily one of the best WordPress plug-ins for human resources on the market. With WP ERP, you can manage your employees — keeping all of their assessments, promotions, and basic information in one centralized place.

You can customize your own dashboard and view everything from upcoming holidays and staff birthdays to the latest payslips and staff rosters. You can even recruit new employees, track and manage leave requests, and, best of all, easily jump from one HR tab to another, thanks to WP ERP’s shortcut header menu.



WPHRM is all about saving time and increasing productivity — whether you need help managing employees, attendance, leave, salaries, or all four. This plug-in helps you manage your employees’ personal information (e.g., start date, department, salary, and attendance) and generate reports of all their stats in preparation for meetings or performance reviews. It even lets you approve leave requests with just a click of a button.

3. Jotform Online Forms

Jotform Online Forms, one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins for human resources, allows users to embed forms directly into their WordPress website. Say, for example, you’d like to have a human resources hub on your company website to store all important documents and forms for easy employee access (e.g., contact forms, employee incident reports, return-to-work forms, and other kinds of human resources forms and spreadsheets).

You’d simply build and customize your form using online form builder Jotform and then embed it into your website from your WordPress dashboard or add it to an app. In addition to being easy to use and fully customizable, Jotform is completely code-free, helping you run a more streamlined HR department regardless of your team’s programming experience.

4. Business Manager

Business Manager

WordPress plug-in Business Manager is your one-stop shop for all your HR and business management needs. It’s detailed, powerful, and flexible, helping you manage leave requests, store employee records, and conduct performance appraisals — all from one location.

This plug-in comes fully equipped with all the features you need to properly supervise your employees and stay organized. Plus, in addition to HR management, Business Manager also manages clients, projects, and even documents — keeping track of the most up-to-date versions of each document while simultaneously allowing access to older versions.

5. WP-HR Manager

WP-HR Manager

Best for small and medium-sized organizations, the WP-HR Manager plug-in can transform your website into a robust, streamlined, GDPR-compliant HR management system. This plug-in records, tracks, and manages comprehensive employee information, including personal details, attendance, and salaries.

It also empowers employees to stay on top of their own data, allowing access to leave requests, clock-in/clock-out times, and overall performance notes. It’s designed to fit your specific organization — including your unique departments and employee roles. This way, as you scale, the plug-in will grow and adapt alongside you, matching your current and future organizational structure.

6. Innovs HR

Innovs HRM

With Innovs HR, you can manage your entire organization from your WordPress dashboard. Use this plug-in to add an unlimited number of employees — designated by department — to your dashboard, so you can have a constant overview of who’s working and who’s on leave. You can approve or deny employee leave requests with Innovs HR and view employee attendance records — by month or year.

You can even make your employees feel valued and appreciated by setting auto announcements for both work anniversaries and birthdays, alerting all team members so they can congratulate other employees or wish them a happy birthday. Though Innovs HR is one of the simplest on this list of WordPress plug-ins for human resources, it includes enough features to significantly improve your employee management system.

Often overshadowed by larger, revenue-building departments (like marketing and sales, for example), HR is extremely important to running your organization’s day-to-day operations and achieving long-term success. As a result, this department needs powerful technology — like the above WordPress plug-ins for human resources — to ensure all your employees feel valued and protected (and subsequently remain loyal and productive).

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