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Benefits of Jotform Cards


A Jotform Cards progress bar encourages respondents to complete a form by including bright green dots that signal that they’ve completed a question.

Fun & Friendly

Jotform Cards allows users to ask questions in a fun, friendly way that customers will respond to. With features including emojis, icons, and micro-animations, companies can gather data more interactively.

Easy to Focus

Jotform Cards questions are asked one at a time, greatly improving respondent focus.

Easy to Focus Forms


More than any other online forms, Jotform Cards are truly beautiful. Users can customize designs to match their brand exactly, including custom color schemes, images, logos, and more.

Mobile Compatibility

It doesn’t matter the type of mobile device, Jotform Cards shows up clearly. A simple swiping gesture allows respondents to see the next question on a form.

Downloadable Images

All images can be downloaded and used for free and editorial purposes.

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