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With Jotform’s fillable PDF form creator, you can create customized PDF forms that users can easily fill out and submit from their digital devices.

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In just minutes, create a fillable PDF form that can be used anywhere — regardless of device type or internet access.

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Jotform’s fillable PDF form creator allows you to

create fillable form fields

Add fillable form fields such as text boxes, checkboxes, and multiple-choice questions.

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Email your form or embed it in your website so users can fill it out on their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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Insert a signature field so users can sign their name with ease.

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How to make a PDF fillable

Open Jotform

Create a free Jotform account and build your fillable PDF form from scratch — or upload an existing PDF form to convert it into a fillable PDF in a single click.

Customize your form

Add page numbers, brand images, or your business logo for a polished, professional look.

Automate email responses

Automatically send copies of completed PDF forms to respondents after they fill out your form.

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Save a copy of your fillable PDF or send it as an email attachment.

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Creating a Fillable PDF with Adobe Acrobat:

How to Create from Scratch?

How to Create from Existing PDF?

Jotform’s fillable PDF form creator has unique tools to customize your fillable forms, optimize your workflow, and automate how information is gathered and shared.

Create a fillable PDF form

Learn how to create your own fillable PDF forms

Learn how to create your own fillable PDF forms

Fillable PDF Forms FAQ

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  • What is a fillable PDF?

    A fillable PDF is an interactive PDF document that allows users to enter text in form fields without the need for PDF editing software. Fillable PDFs are also referred to as interactive PDFs, editable PDFs, writable PDFs, or automated PDFs. Fillable PDFs offer a fast and easy way to complete forms, sign documents, and collect data.

    Fillable PDFs are useful for a wide variety of purposes. You can use a fillable PDF to gather applications, collect e-signatures, conduct performance reviews or surveys, and so much more. And in contrast to messy paper forms, fillable PDFs can be stored online and are accessible to many people at once — allowing you to cast a wider net and gather more responses more efficiently.

    Additionally, you can create a fillable PDF in minutes, then share it with your target audience to collect responses or e-signatures quickly and efficiently — perfect for a growing small business, an established company, or any organization in between.

  • What’s the difference between fillable forms and PDF documents?

    While fillable forms and PDF documents are both online documents that are used for similar purposes, there are quite a few differences between them. It’s key to understand those differences so you can choose the type of online document that works best for your specific needs.

    Generally speaking, a PDF is a static electronic file format that’s usually uneditable without special software. Most PDFs can only be opened with a PDF viewer and cannot be edited or filled in once they have been created. The only way to edit a PDF that has been sent to you is to download it and edit it in another software program, or by printing it out and filling it in by hand — which isn’t the most efficient way to use an online document. You generally can’t add extra features to PDFs or integrate them with other programs to enhance user experience either.

    On the other hand, fillable PDFs are great tools to collect data from users through a web browser — no intermediary software required. Fillable PDF forms are easy to access and can be filled out directly online, without having to print them out or use additional software to edit them. Also, fillable PDF forms can integrate with other tools and widgets online to enhance the user experience.

    If you’re looking for an advanced fillable PDF form tool, with a variety of customization options, we recommend Jotform’s fillable PDF forms.

  • How do I convert an existing PDF into a fillable form?

    You can use Jotform’s Smart PDF Editor to convert an existing PDF into a fillable form. Just follow these steps.

    • To start, log in to your Jotform account and navigate to the Jotform Smart PDF Editor.
    • Next, either upload your desired PDF form or drag and drop it into the Smart PDF Form editor.
    • The Smart PDF editor will then detect all the form fields in your PDF file and convert them into fillable fields.
    • Customize your PDF form however you see fit by adding widgets, additional fields, and more.
    • Once you’re satisfied with the look of your form, simply click Publish at the top of the builder.
    • Share your fillable PDF form through a link, email, QR code, or social media.
  • How to create a fillable PDF form from scratch?

    You can create a fillable PDF form from scratch seamlessly with Jotform by following these steps.

    • Log in to your Jotform account.
    • Navigate to the PDF Editor and choose the New PDF Form option on the left side
    • Now, you’ll be able to design and customize your PDF with our easy-to-use PDF Form Builder. Add the form fields you need, change up colors and fonts, upload tables, and more, depending on your needs.
    • Once you’re finished designing, click on Settings. Here you can create autoresponder or notification emails to be automatically sent when someone completes your form. You can also change your form’s title and status or integrate it with helpful third-party apps.
    • When you’ve finalized your PDF, select Publish. Here you can download, share, or embed your fillable PDF for easy access.
  • What software is needed to create a fillable PDF?

    While there are tons of great software tools out there for creating a fillable PDF, Jotform provides an easy, intuitive way to do it. With Jotform, not only can you create your own fillable PDF from scratch, but you can also upload and repurpose PDFs that you’ve used in the past. With Jotform’s easy-to-use PDF editor, you can integrate with helpful apps and widgets, change fonts and colors, upload images, set up autoresponder emails, directly embed your PDFs in websites, and more!

  • Can fillable PDFs be password-protected?

    Yes, your fillable PDFs can be password-protected with Jotform Smart PDF Forms. To do this, follow the steps below.

    • After you import or create your PDF, click on the Settings tab.
    • In the Form Settings section, click on Show More Options at the bottom.
    • Under Password Protection, click Enable password protection.
    • Enter the password for your form.

    Your password-protected PDF is ready to go! Share it however you like through the Publish tab.

  • How can fillable PDF forms be used?

    Fillable PDF forms can be useful in a number of situations depending on the needs of each user. Here are some popular uses for fillable PDF forms:

    • Collecting data: Fillable PDFs are a great resource when it comes to gathering data from customers, clients, employees, or others. With Jotform, you can create surveys, review forms, applications, contracts, and more. Streamline your data collection with fillable PDFs.
    • Collecting e-signatures: Whether you’re collecting e-signatures for onboarding documents, legal contracts and agreements, proof-of-purchase documents, or other purposes, fillable PDF forms are the way to go. Not only do online fillable PDFs make it easier to organize signatures, they’re also an environmentally friendly option and can save you time so you can focus on more important things.
    • Engaging with your users: Fillable PDFs are not only functionally superior to paper forms, but they can also help your company better engage with your audience. Add buttons, images or videos, dropdown menus, and more to your forms to give your users an easy, enjoyable way to fill out their information.
    • Reaching people on all devices: Engage more users and collect data from a wider variety of people with fillable PDFs that work on all desktop and mobile devices. Jotform’s fillable PDF forms work on every type of device — iOS and Android devices included — so you’ll never have to worry about someone not being able to complete your fillable PDF form.

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