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How to Create a Grid Listing Report?

Last Update: June 3, 2016

Grid Listing is useful in several ways, a classic example of which is the ability to show the submissions on your web page right after a user hits the Submit button. In the generated grid list you can do the following:

- Rearrange the order of the columns in the table by dragging the column headings.

- Make the grid larger.

- Add/remove column fields

- Sort Ascend/Descend the data by field.

Follow all steps below to create Grid Listing report:

1. Login to your account and go to My Forms page

2. Select the Form from the list and click on 'Reports' and "Add New Report" from the dropdown

3.  Choose 'Grid Listing' from the options click on 'Next'.

6. You can choose what fields are to be included in the listing. To restrict access to the list you can enable Password Protection.

7. The URL to access the list is displayed you can share the listing using the URL. To display the grid listing in your webpage get the iframe code to embed.

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  • pagination

    I have clicked my form and then "Report" but nothing seems to pop up. There are no changes to anything. Why is that?

  • hawthornmc

    Hi, I don't seem to be able to create more than 2 visual questions at once. Please could you let me know if this is possible? Many thanks

  • dm257

    Having trouble enabling password protection. I click the password box and it never asks to enter a password for access. Form generates and gives me the link. But, when posted it opens online without a passowrd. Any suggestions on getting this to work?

  • stonestorm

    how to insert a number (№) in the grid listing ?

  • Atlglittergirls

    can i have the scroll bar of the grid on the top instead of bottom and fixed in postion so it can still be visiblewhen the page is rolled down?

  • franceguide

    Hi, I have created a grid report but the grid doesn't show up. Only if I am log in Jotform that the grid shows.
    Here's the link to the report:

    Thank you

  • Joe

    Can I edit the submission from here ?

  • stonestorm

    Can I change the width of a column?

  • preacherswife

    I am using Weebly and have edited my grid box and then I publish it. It comes back up with only part of the comments showing whereas before in edit mode, it was showing all of the comment.

    Also, how does another person go about leaving a comment?
    I have the page listed under "more" under the name "test."

  • plumileds

    Can the grind be limited to specific dates or other criteria? I would like setup reports that would display just the past 24 hours data or data from a specific column if populated (no blanks).

  • bwf

    Might be a bug. When using grid listing of a date sorted list of "event" til grid report don't seem to handle dates correct when sorting after dates. I have used the date format "yyyymmdd". When "sorting" in the grid the date 2014/05/10 will be shown after the 2014/06/26. This dosen't make any sence. I have tryed replacing the date field in the form (and re-submit the submissions).
    Even more strange is that HTML table does sort the dates correctly, but you can't define the table to show without scrollbars.
    The calender report option could also be a solution. But the calender can only show all dates, and not just dates with a submission.
    The link to my even calender is:

  • GoBlueHorizon

    How can I customize the Grid Listing Report.

  • CoordinatorLiaison

    There are empty columns being generated between field columns. How do I eliminate these? They are causing my grid to be too wide for useful viewing.

  • RedDogRecords

    Can I change the font size of the report? The text is rather small for some viewers.

  • preacherswife

    How do I add a name, email address and submissions to a grid listing as well as columns to separate the headings? All I have so far is a box that says submissions.

  • ord_flt_svc_ramping

    Is there any way to change the column headings on the grid report? For example, a question might ask "Was the jetbridge clean when you arrived?" Instead of that question being the heading, can I change it to read something else, like "Clean JB"?

  • kokangboys

    how to calculate a field/column total value?

  • larback

    Thank you. Is it possible to enlarge or reduce the width of the columns in a grid report? How are the default widths determined?

  • bouka fotio Gaëlle

    happy to work with d'où

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