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How to Create a Visual Report with Your Form Submissions

How to Create a Visual Report with Your Form Submissions

With Visual Reports you can easily generate eye-catching reports that are based on your submission data. It allows you to create and generate bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, form submissions grids, and HTML texts and images.

To start creating a visual report, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the MY FORMS page.

2. Select the form you want to generate a report from.

3. Click the REPORTS ▼ menu.

4. Then click ADD NEW REPORT.

5. On the modal popup, choose VISUAL REPORT BUILDER then click NEXT.

6. You will be redirected to the VISUAL REPORT BUILDER page where you can customize the report.

When you create a new Visual Report, the system will automatically create up to two example charts for you, from your submission data (provided you have the supported field types on your form).

NOTE: Visual Report Charts can only be based on the following field types:

🔘 Dropdown

🔘 Single Choice (Radio Button)

🔘 Multiple Choice (Checkbox)

🔘 Star Rating

🔘 Scale Rating

🔘 Grading Widget

🔘 Slider

🔘 Input Table 

7. Once you're finished building, you can choose to SAVE, PRINT or SHARE the report.

When sharing, you have the ability to either share the direct link to the report or embed it to your website in an iFrame. For added layer of security, the report can be password protected.

With JotForm's Visual Report Builder, you can add the following:

1. HEADER - Use this to add a report title and a short description.

2. TEXT - This Rich Text Editor can be used for adding long paragraphs.

3. ARROW - Use this to point at items in your Visual Report. The arrow widget is composed of the following directions: North, East, South and West. North East, North West, South East and South West.

4. IMAGE - Can be used for adding your own company logo.

5. CHART -  The main feature of the Visual Report Builder. Use this to visually present your submission data in a chart. There are a couple of Chart Types to choose from: Pie, Pie 2, Bar, Bar 2 and Line.

To change the CHART TYPE, click the chart > the GEAR icon > then pick the Chart Type  you want to use.

6. GRID - Aside from creating a single grid report. You can now add this tool in your Visual Report.

Generally, each of the 6 widgets above have its own respective settings. You can customize each of them by clicking the GEAR icon. Don't forget to click the OK button everytime, to save your changes for each.

IMPORTANT: It's not possible to create a multi-page Visual Report but, you can can adjust the overall height of the report canvas by dragging the resize handle at the bottom-right hand corner of the page.

What's New on Chart Configuration?

You can now change the CHART LABELS to show either a NUMBER or a PERCENTAGE, an option to EXCLUDE fields and the ability to assign different COLORS per field. To access these options, click your CHART and open its settings by clicking the GEAR icon.


Want to fiddle around with FILTERS? Check out this guide: How to Use Visual Report Filters

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • jpdpmein2017

    Say if have 10 question in one form.
    I sent link to 50 people
    but I get only 30 submission,
    I want to know how many did not answer? which is 20 : so i get to see their name or email id.
    of who answered how many have selected the right answer. i mean how many right question out of 10 which would be individual score.
    So can i see score of all 50 people. which i can filter depending on score?

  • nicolaw

    When will this feature be updated?

  • XSearch

    I can't get my pie charts to show all the data points as indicated above - that would be ideal. We tend to print things and not offer the online version (which allows for a click-through on the individual pie sections).

  • NISC

    Report charts are adding 1 more to count than it should, it is inconsistent since 1 of the 3 questions shown in chart are correct. The data is a menu choice for appetizer, soup or salad and entree. The chart count is 1 more (in some choices) than submissions received. I have counted submissions to be certain that number is correct. It is. Yet some of the chart numbers are off by 1. Can't figure out why. There is not an editing feature to change to correct count. I give up on creating reports for this data. Is my only option creating a bar chart outside of the program?

  • bellmediaevents

    How come my report is only showing the first 2 questions in my survey? How do I create one report with all the survey questions?

  • stevenswan

    How do we add 'Yes/No Question' data to a visual report? None of my Yes/No Questions are showing up in the chart options.

  • martalagoueyte

    How do I insert my company logo, from a file on my PC, on the visual report. There is no specific instructions.

  • martalagoueyte

    It looks like on the Bar report type, if I have several option as and answer :
    Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor

    The report sorts them out and shows the answer in the order of the data, for example if there are more answers that say Fair, that would be my first bar followed by Excellent, Very Good and so.

    Is there any way to keep the bars on my order?

  • fquinche

    Hello, I used the drop down menu to list the age of participants,
    and then this question is impossible to select for the visual report (it does not appear in the possible questions we can select)
    And it is also impossible to create a filter with the age of participants.
    Could you explain me how to do this, and if it is impossible to do, how to modifiy the already done forme to make this possible..
    This is really a key element of our reserach, without this, we will have to choose another software..and redo the all work..
    Thanks a lot,

  • Tahnee Hutton

    Is there a way to generate a visual report for multiple forms?

    We'd be looking to generate a report of how many submissions have been made of each form (up to 15 forms) in the last 12 months.

  • karenandshane

    How can I rearrange the data in a pie chart? It automatically puts them in order of the highest amount to the lowest, but I need them in a specific order that may not be the highest number one first. Example:
    Excellent = 4 , Very good = 7 , Poor = 1, it would show the data as Very Good, Excellent, Poor.

  • Sanjai08

    Is there any feature allowing combine form submission and produce report ? Lets say I have 4 forms and I would like to combine these 4 forms submission and create report from Jotform.
    Please advice


  • Jay

    So, this page was great an explaining the different types of charts and options available to me, however, I can't find any information on how to add any of my other questions to the report and I know that I am suppose to configure that somewhere, but where would that be? Is it in the builder for each question? Is it in the visual report builder? Can't find an exact area as to where I add each question/section that I am trying to gather information for on the visual report.

  • managementofchange

    This can't be serious: it's functionality is rudimentary and user unfriendly.

    Guys do something!

  • jpksarawak

    How to save visual report as PDF file?

  • registerartstrail

    can we not save these reports as pdf?

  • paulwalshco

    Also why are the colours based on whats most popular and not what the field type is? It look SO unprofessional. Really trying to avoid survey monkey... could someone help me please?

  • paulwalshco

    How do I make it so that the bar chart displays in order instead of changing from most chosen answer on the left and least chosen answer on the right? It looks messy

  • PSU_Admin

    how to view the visual reports after someone submitted? even if i download the submission there is no reports to see

  • Helen Oswald

    Is there an issue as my form submissions are not linking up to my visual report I have created? I also see that my 'View Submissions' only show the date of the form submissions and no other data.

    I think there is an issue with your software - please help.

  • balhaddad1606

    The chart div margins are to large. When I embed in a container less than 400 px it cuts off half of my chart because of these margins. How can I change this?

  • duncan_macdonald

    These visual reports have a lot of potential but still need a lot of development. They really need to include other field options eg. text boxes or from other widgets eg. calculated fields. Also really need an option for charts to be date based. For example show results for past week for a particular field. Date on x axis Field on Y.

  • LarimerHealth

    I don't seem to be able to produce a bar graph that shows 0 responses to a question if none of the survey respondents selected that response. I would like my graphs to show bars for all 5 possible responses to each question, even if one or more response(s) was not selected. How do I do this?

  • MOLSouth

    Why is your visual report form so non-user friendly? I need about 30 segments of a large application form analyzed for up to 200 responses and the template you provide only allows two segments to be shown. How does one add another 28 to this unfriendly template? You should make it easier, or even automatic the way adobe forms and google docs quickly generates data. The forms have been good for us so far, but this aspect is troubling. Think you can make your forms generate automatic data and then the consumer can pick and choose what he wants to utilize from the varied form questions? Help, please.

  • qzys6p

    I wish there was a way to create a pdf of the visual report so that I can share the results with my client rather than providing a link.

  • steve

    Can visual reports be embedded in my website and update automatically as responses are received?

  • steve

    Can visual reports be embedded in my website and update automatically as responses are received?

  • Mimich

    I also can see only my forst question. It seems that noone is answering any of the comments here in this forum

  • trentonclagg

    Is there a way for the visual reports to show percentages?


  • h.grasshoff

    Hello, we want to filter Date in different reports. Example: There is a dropdown in our fprm, were our client can choose kind of his problem: Bug, Change request, Idea

    Now we want to show one report were all entries are listet, an one only with the entries with "bug" choosen.

    Is that possible? How to?

  • nicoleb

    I have a survey that has 31 questions but only the first two question appear in the visual report how do I get the remaining 29 questions?

  • marielkislig


    My questions, which are quite long, don't entirely show up when creating my visual report.
    What's the trick to extend each graph's title?
    Thanks for your help

  • lucycd83

    Is there a way of changing the colours of the charts?

  • lzaroski

    The "Visual Report" function only shows my first question, whereas I have many more in my form. Can you help? It'd be too time-consuming to create a separate report for each question. This is the same question as above, however, when I select "view answer" it takes to a page that will not load.

  • owlsinjury

    Hi there - great product - we are using the form to track athlete injuries and we would like to add a field called 'finalised' and only report where that field is filtered to not ticked (ie we only want to show 'live' records but we want to keep the history of the injuries and not delete the rows but rather exclude from reports when 'finalised')

  • Cambridg

    I need to make a report with multiple pages from the same form. How can I rename the reports so I will recognize them without opening?

  • albezar

    Not very VISUALLY APPEALING... :(

  • marielkislig

    The "Visual Report" function only shows my first question, whereas I have many more in my form. Can you help? It'd be too time-consuming to create a separate report for each question.
    Also I try to export the entire set of answers per PDF, something that the system doesn't allow (blocked at 20, whereas I have 200 submissions). Can you assist me on that too? Need it for a work report... thank you!

  • marisafricke

    My report will only show the first two questions too? Please help.

  • guest_22697040926054

    I would like a Visual Report of submissions made on my site on a password protected page. This report will show submissions made daily, monthly, yearly. Is it possible to set up this Visual Report up only once?

    Or do I have to keep going through the Report Wizard everytime I want updated submissions total?

  • anesv

    help me. I have 10 quuestion on the form, but the grid report shows me only the firts one... Why?