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How to Add a Widget to Your Form

How to Add a Widget to Your Form

There have always been forms, then there have always been ways to make forms more advanced. The problem is that there was never really a way to mesh the two together very well.

As a result, we've created the JotForm Widgets platform as a way to help lessen the workload of creating interactive and dynamic forms. This now allows you to do things on your forms that you wouldn't think of as normally being possible. It cuts down your work and makes things a lot easier.

Think of it as a way to expand your forms making them smarter and better than ever before! You can check our Widget Library of more than 370+ Widgets for your usage. This library gives a much larger, visual, and detailed explanation of all of our Widgets.

So now the question is, "How do I add Widget to my form?"

STEP 1: Navigate to BUILD and click the ADD FORM ELEMENT button.

STEP 2: Go to the WIDGETS tab, then search for a specific widget.

STEP 3: To add a widget, either click it or drag and drop it to your form. As soon as the widget is placed on your form, you'll see the widget wizard on the right.

STEP 4: The widget settings vary depending on the widget itself. Here you can set up the options and features the widget offers. Once you're finished, click the green UPDATE WIDGET button.

And that's it! The widget is now displayed on my form. You can see there are three icons if you select the widget:

WAND icon - This will open the widget wizard.

GEAR icon - This will open up the properties of that field.

TRASH icon - This will delete the widget on your form.

This is how the properties window would look like if you click the GEAR icon. It is more related to the field's position and other styles.

Feel free to add more and maximize their special features and full potential. Want to customize the look and feel of a widget? Add your own custom CSS to it!

Related guide: How to Inject CSS Codes to Widgets

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • char

    Hi, I want to include select top 5 question. May I know if the orderable list is able to do that? Or check all that applies limit to 5? How to specify that?

  • Tiffany_Walker

    I have tried to add the Docusign widget but it doesn't show up when I preview. I have authenticated it. Is there something else I need to do?

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  • hproinc

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    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to add a table to my form that a person can type an answer in each cell. The columns would be Age, Event and What Happened. For each event, they need to enter their age and what happened.

  • nadine_rivoldi

    I added a widget to my form but when I embed the form in the article everything is showing up but the widget. That section just comes up blank.

  • desk_reception

    how can I pass the values from a widget to something like air tables, I want to pass the value of the voice recorder widget to a field in airtable. Is this possible?

  • hjian6957

    How can I add a widget made by me to my form?

  • kalanipunit


    Can i have process to add widget for the camera photogrphs.


  • kenhal

    how do i get the Preview Before Submit widget in my list so i can add it to an existing form?

  • CEPHAServices

    Yes, thank you, but I do not see "Global Count down" when I tape this in search...

  • komjati.krisztian.92

    Hy I wanted to use jotform with Hotjar recordings, so I asked you how can I do this.

    You suggested to use CLASSIC FORM and embed the source code in my site. So I did, and everything is good, except the widgets in my form. The widgets somehow are not showing up on my site when I implement the source code.

    Any suggestion?

    What I would like to use as widget is the image selector...this would be the product selection tool that people can send me through form to get the quotation..

  • joli08

    Nope. none of the widgets allow me to create a table. I love to sign up but so far, unable to create table which is what I need. Suggestions please!

  • eybrown0311

    I created a dynamic dropdown, but once I close the Widget Settings after creating I cannot seem to edit the options. Is there a way to edit the drop-down options after closing the Widget Settings or do I need to create a new widget to make edits?

  • Bhoopsingh

    Please update Widgets

  • f6oom

    what about google maps
    how i can add it in my form to get locations of responsers

  • tammyhaire

    I need to resend my form to multiple people. Each time the form goes out, the recipient can choose an item from "inventory". When I try to add new items to the inventory, they add in as already having been chosen. Help.

  • amutha

    i already added a widget.but now i couldnot use widget.if i add a widget,it doesnot appear or not working

  • DePuyClinical

    Do Widgets work once you save the template to use as a fillable PDF?

  • andolphoneto

    this formula is not working, do you know how can i use this parameters?


  • IDIUser


    I've added Data Grid to my form under Pay Codes, but I can't figure out how to use it. When I preview the form, it's just a blank yellow box.

    The purpose of the widget is to have the user dynamically enter their text values so I can capture them on the backend in a spreadsheet or CSV for import into another app. Your spreadsheet widget wont work because it only accepts numbers. Please advise and thank you for your help.


    I want to have a pdf document available to download should someone need more detailed information or for those who need more guidance. Where do I put the pdf form so that it can be accessed. Does it go somewhere in JotForm, or does it need to be on a server somewhere with a URL access. Your guidance is appreciated.

  • lynn25med

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  • Shani99

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    Hi, I am using Visual Multi Select. How can I add a header so that I know what it relates to when I print out the form? (Like it does for other standard sections).

    Then how do I add the responses to the auto email once the form has been filled out?

    Finally, unfortunately it only prints the responses in one line, separated by a comma. Can the responses be listed on separate lines?

    Thanks, Brendan

  • chuckali

    Hi I am trying to add Mobile Responsive widget in my form, but when ever I add that widget my form fileds expands. It is effecting a html i guess

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    Hi, intend to use address locator google maps widget, the widget displays longitude, latitude, country, province and address fields, my questiin is, how do retrive data from these fields in PHP im seeing placeholders instead of field names, hop you can help, thanks

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