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How to Check Invoices

How to Check Invoices

1. Click on your account image and then click your username text link. (Click image below to view it larger)


2. Go to Billing page, scroll down and you should be able to see the "Invoices" section. Click the text "view".


3. It will then show the list of invoices for your subscription/s. Click the "view" text link on each invoice to see their details:


Here is the direct link to see the Billing Invoices : 

Do you have questions? Feel free to comment below. 

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  • Clairmont

    Thanks! Can you correct the email address for receiving invoices?

    It should be the same as the address in our website Profile:

  • otisguy

    thanks I am not up until 8/2018. How do I sign up for another year on the new offer?

  • ardantes

    Thank you for your answer, but after opening the link I can view the invoice only.
    How to download this invoice?
    I need to send this invoice to my accounting office.

    Best regards

  • deliagrigoroiuea

    Hi, there is no page named Billing, and since I do not have subscription anymore, I cannot see my invoices. How can I get them?

  • KWhitman

    This page:

    is out of date. There is no link to Billing. We were charged $45 for Jotform and need the receipt for our accounting department.

  • anthonyhumeau


    we will keep the Silver monthly plan.

    Please delete the Premium monthly plan

    Thank you.