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How to Change Billing Credit Card

How to Change Billing Credit Card

This guide is only applicable for the subscriptions paid through our default payment processor, Stripe, and our alternative payment processor, FastSpring.

To update your billing card, follow these steps:

1. Click the user menu icon at the top-right side of the page.

2. Click your username to access the Account page.

3. Go to the Billing tab and close the My Plan section so you can conveniently view the Payment Method section.

4. Click the Change Credit Card button and update your card on the provided Credit Card Information window.


For payments processed through FastSpring, one of our trusted payment processors:

You will be redirected to your FastSpring Subscription URL. To update your subscription payment method, click on the Edit Subscription link.

Select the Update Payment Method and follow the instruction on the next page. 

With FastSpring, you can update the card or choose PayPal as the payment method. 


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  • sandboxlogistics

    So what is the process AFTER you update the credit card info? Is there a place to manually submit or do we just wait until the next auto-attempt? Might be good to include that part here in this help doc....

  • bestilling

    Why does the "form" you create save the creditcard info from my costumers? That is not very good....

  • pkbpptksns

    hai team.. in my setting menu... dont have billing option...
    please assist me. thanks..

  • pyn95forms

    Everytime I try to update payment method, I clicked change credit card button but nothing happens. Please help

  • cleartoclosellc

    Every time i try to update billing info, it takes me to my current Paypal set up. I don't want that.

  • LenaDKarkalasDDS

    It will not let me change anything or click on the button ... I have a screen cap for you to look at

  • lhems

    I have tried to update address on the account, but it's telling me the email address is incorrect. How do I fix that??????

  • Susan Resetar

    I also want to update address and it requires an email address which I have put it but it says it's wrong.

  • adelgadillo

    This is not helpful. Is there a customer service number or chat?

  • SHARON E Ingold

    wont change my info. on my page about my card new number had to get one help no orders will go through till we fix it cant buy anything till we fix it Sharon p.s husband wont to buy something HELP NEEDED BAD

  • AgencePipelettes

    Thank you for the answer I will update asap. However I wish to see my payment history as it is telling me I should pay 139 dollars and that my pricing plan hasn't changed but I don't remember it being that expensive 2 years ago. Please advise.

  • pagine

    Si ma vorrei sapere come posso cambiare l'intestatario della fattura.

  • NorthLineProducts

    I'm very shocked that Jotform hides the information their paying customers need to change their credit card info.

    This process should be easily located, instead I needed to search for 30 minutes. Really upset about this.

  • singyang

    Hi, I would like to change the credit card used for billing. However, my AMEX card details get declined. Does Jotform accept amex cards?

  • AustinCouncilPTA

    How do we do above with paypal

  • AustinCouncilPTA

    We are not idiots We have been though your screens above But that is not the problem. How many different ways do we have to say the green button to change credit card does not work

  • AustinCouncilPTA

    This does not work. I found a question very similar to mine, but the link to the answer says I am not authorized to use. Does JotForm want to get paid??????? Then please help me fix it

  • Michael Bartlett

    This is not the answer I need.

    My credit card is direct debited and I need to change the credit card that is stored for this purpose.

  • bhegman

    My question is the same as "APassionForScrappinRetreats" and the responses on this forum are entirely unhelpful as I too cannot access an "edit" button under the CHANGE CREDIT CARD box.

    When "CHANGE CREDIT CARD" is selected I am simply redirected to my own PayPal account.

  • aapgfdn

    I have followed the steps outlined but do not see the option to edit our billing method from credit card to check. Could someone please call me at 918-560-2644 to assist?

  • APassionForScrappinRetreats

    Trying to change my payment method. It is now set to paypal but I want to change it to a charge card. If I select the change credit card button, it takes to me to paypal. There is no edit button as support forums say there is!

  • rowingqld

    That wasn't my question... I want to update the billing email address please. I knew how to change the payment method. I need to change the email address in which the bill gets sent to.