How to Include a Link on the PDF Copy of Submissions

June 8, 2022

Using the Terms & Condition widget is one of the ways to add terms and conditions with a link in your form. However, the widget only produces an Accepted text on the Jotform Tables, Inbox, or PDF Document copy of submissions. It doesn’t include the link to the Terms and Conditions.

You may want to include the link or any external link to the PDF document. You will know that in this guide.

There are two methods to include or add the link.

If you want to display the link in both form and PDF document, adding a Paragraph Element is recommended.

  1. In the form builder, click the Add Form Element button on the left side.
  2. Scroll down, and under the Basic Elements, drag/drop the Paragraph element to your form.
  1. Double-click the Paragraph element or click the Edit Text icon to start adding the link. See the below GIF for this step:
  1. Now, go to your form’s PDF Editor, and add the Paragraph element from the Form Fields tab as shown below:

If you don’t want to display the link in the form, you can add the link directly in the PDF document through the PDF Editor.

  1. In My Forms page, select your form.
  2. Click the More button.
  3. Under the Data column, click the Open PDF Editor or Create PDF Document option.
  1. In the PDF Editor, drag/drop the Text element to your PDF document.
  2. Double-click the element or click the gear icon (settings) to start editing. See the below GIF for the steps.

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