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Where to Find the Submission ID?

Where to Find the Submission ID?

Submission ID - When the form is submitted, it is called submission. Each submission has a unique Submission ID. It is a long string of numbers generated on the server side after submission.

In some cases, third-party apps configuration, using API or viewing a single submission directly through a URL may require submission IDs. To get the Submission ID, follow these steps.

1. On your My Forms page, select the form then click the Submissions button.

2. On the submissions page, click the cog icon (settings) then check the ID on top of the list. The submission ID will be shown on the left side afterward.

If you're on Sheets, click the Submissions settings (inverted ellipsis) then Show/Hide Columns.

In the popup window, drag and drop the submission ID to the right side to show it on the sheets column.

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  • pmrfboard

    4621293803212997883 .. this one came through with no PDF attached.

    4620071834018653858 .. additionally, this one is in JotForm submissions but we have received no email.

  • fsc7mail

    If I embed a form, how can I retrieve this submission ID in the page that the form is embedded?

  • turnerchile

    Is the Submission ID unique for each account?
    Two different forms could both have a record with the same submission id?

  • Horlarwales001

    I want to do the 10k package for this jotform and i av send the money since yesterday to admin but he is telling to do 30k bcus 10k own get problem true is this guys?

  • danny_finn


    I don't know how to tell if I'm "using the new submissions page called Sheets, click the Submissions settings (inverted ellipsis) then Show/Hide Columns." As describe above. How can I access this. Going back to my original question how do I have all off my form users over 800 of them to go back and revise their lunch choice.