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Adding a Form to Your Wix Site

Adding a Form to Your Wix Site

Embedding JotForm on your Wix site is pretty easy. You just need to use your form URL. Please follow these steps:

1. Click Publish button then copy the link of your form.

2. In your Wix Editor, click the Add (+) button, choose More and then Embed a Site

3. Paste your form URL on Website Address box.

4. Make the necessary changes like adjusting the size/height of the element to avoid cut off.

5. Make sure to save and publish your site!

Please feel free to write a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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    I can add the jot form to my website but need help to add it to the reminder emails for my clients

  • jmrmajor

    Hi - Thanks this is great. however when i hit 'Next" button for the second page of my form it lands at the bottom of the page. It works fine on desktop, but on iPhone it just shows a blank screen:

    See here: -

  • simonlorenz

    I have a problem - the intregration works fine, it submits information to my account fine.

    But, when you submit it stays on a blank area of the page. The confirmation that its done is at the top of the page but the user does not see that. So I think the form does not show wix that it must go back to top of page. Not sure how to fix this

  • Hi

    The form at the bottom isn't working as well. Help pls!

  • abbycool

    how do i integrate the information from my jot form that i have already embedded into wix onto my wix dada base page

  • Andy S

    I have created a form to purchase an annual membership using PayPal. It works great except that when Submit is clicked, it tries to pop up in a new window and most browsers pop-up blocker will block it. Is there a way to have it stay in the same window when Submit is clicked? I do not want to depend on people disabling their pop up blocker or adding our site to their safe site list. Thank you.

  • Melissa Kelly

    Once the forms are submitted on our Wix site, where do I go to print/view them?

  • ABTR35618

    I followed these instructions to the letter, and my form is there, but I need for it to open in a new window. How do I do that?

  • OCapril

    I used the URL link, which worked fine..I hit the submit button, and my thank you pops up on the page. The problem is, that I am not receiving email's like it isn't going through. Help! 😀

  • rauf saddique

    very nice and helpful its really feed love it

  • Drew1987

    How do I accept members using jotform on my wix site?

  • skarma

    i hv created my form and embed a light box on my wix website . is there a way to link a button to the lightbox form

  • SnowWeek

    I didi it, mobile doesn't work

  • debrabrunk

    I have added my form to my Wix site and am wondering if users have the option for saving the form to come back to later? It's a long form. If so, I want to be able to provide info. on my website so users know what to expect. Many thanks.

  • B William

    I also need to add API key code. How do I do this?

  • dpandya

    I followed the steps listed here but when I update the code on Wix's page, the screen returns initially showing as if I am making a forgery. I went ahead and saved the site. When I access the site on phone browser, it does not allow me to click submit button. Whenever I try to click on submit, the site jumps to top of the page. Can you help??

  • Carlos Blanka

    Shasi, i believe you are using the old wix editor. Those additional features come in the html5 editor.

    I had the same isue on a website i began building some months ago and now that i wanted to use the new features i had to redo all the website (because you cannot implement the new editor if you already began your site in the old one.

    Google on how to request to use the new editor, it was a bit confusing (i had to follow for like 3 different URLs to get it going)

  • Shasi

    My Wix site only has 4 buttons on the side: background, add, app market and my uploads. There is no options to add an app or to add the HTML code. Does anyone else have this problem? I really want to use Jotform because the ones already on Wix cannot be multilingual, which I need.

  • Jonathan Doe

    Jot Form reminds me of jotting things down.

  • djamel

    is jotform free?
    thank you!

  • goodearthlearningcenter

    hey guys I am still unable to get the form to update to my website....please advise...this is the last day my forms central adobe form will work....

  • ben

    the issue with this is it only allows a limited amount of lines of code. so you cant really add for example drop downs with lots of options like countries etc. Might be worth looking into.

  • Aaron Hanson


    I created a form and was able to get it on the wix site. Everything was working great until I realized that the SUBMIT button will not show up therefore no one can submit the form to be emailed to me.

    Please help. I need go go live with my site next week.


  • Andrew

    Almost good enough. Can't put the submit button beside the text field in a way that doesn't look like shit. You should split your columns into thirds, at least.

  • Promolosity

    I have embedded the Jotform code into my wix page. And once the user fills out the Jotform info they click submit and are suppose to be redirected to another URL.

    The issue is that on a lot of browsers and computers after they click "submit" they are not redirected to the other page, but instead stay on the same page and where the jot form was is just completely blank.

    How do I fix this?

  • Sujan Samuel Roy

    Recently I embed Jotforms into my wix site for the visitors to request for a FREE TICKET. Everything works fine. Submission works and mails are going out to the customers and my admin. No issues.
    As admin how can look at the list of visitors who opt for FREE TICKETS from Wix Dashboard. Right now I don't see any where in the Wix dashboard to see the list. Don't know where the data is going; and not sure who if any are connecting. We have launched adverstisements on Facebook and Twitter and I was about to upload emails to Wix Shout Out for email launch. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Crystal

    I've created a form in word that I need to have linked to the wix website so a person can print the page. I don't want a "fill in form" and I'd like to just copy this form with our logo for printing. Can this be done?

  • thompsign

    I am going to try this, but where will the information be sent to? like whose email address?

  • mohamedzaid

    i need a new account

  • networkingsquare

    When i load this form, few of the fields are locked. Example:Cluster name field, etc...!affiliate-registration/c1cd

  • Nilli

    I was trying to do the save and continue workaround and put the First Form on my site.
    1. After filling it in I get the thank you message on my site, it says I can continue to the Main Form with the following URL, but no URL... to my email I get the full message with the URL but not in the form on my site. Any ideas why?

    2. Is there a nicer way to do the save and continue workaround on a web site?
    I don't want to use the autofill because I like that the users have the option to continue from a different computer.

    Thanks a lot

  • nostopshop

    There is a tone of blank space at the end of my form so the scollbar just keeps going and going, but there is no content. How do I fix this?

  • Mechillen Hodge

    I created a form using AWeber, copied the form url and added it to my Wix site, but when I click update (in the HTML option), only the url appears. I can't move the form to the back or front. It's just an url. No image appears. My url appears just fine when I preview it in a separate window. Here is how I did it.

    To embed a website or add HTML code:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the plus sign to open Add.
    2. From Add, click Apps and then click HTML iFrame/Embed.
    3. Click the app to select it and then click Settings.
    4. Under Mode, select Website address or HTML code.
    5. Type in the Website address or HTML code.
    6. Click Update.

    That doesn't work for me.

  • Beshir

    Many thanks

  • Sam

    I want to add a form similar to this!books/cnec. How do I go about it? I would also like to add the login/signup option but am stuck on the way. Finally, is it possible to have a way that writers can be submitting files then clients come to review and download them? Remember, mine is a freelance site. Thanks

  • eventowl

    Hello, I don't want my form to be embedded onto my wix site, rather - I want my forms' information to populate the images and search results on the page. Is there a way to intergrate the information added to these pages to be used on the Wix site? Let me know? Thanks, Natasha

  • gajen

    I just love you guys!! This is what all I need to complete my assignment. Credit will goes to you. thanks a lot.

  • vifine

    Hello! I would like to put on my wix site subscribe button. Then visitors will press it i need my form to appear with semy-transparent bg covered all my page (lightbox). But I can't to make it wright. Please explain how to do this.

  • JesusCenteredMusic

    After pressing submit.. how can I reload the form so that it can be used again?

  • leroy120

    I've embedded my form in my Wix site without issue, and I have even figured out how to identify the unique url you have to enter to link to a specific page, but what i cant figure out is after i hit submit, get redirected, and try to re-use the form, it has no reloaded! Its just blank with a scroll down bar and i have to manually refresh the page! Any help you be greatly appreciated????

  • Matan Goldman

    I need some help please.
    How can I change the language in the form ?

  • ldhoffmann

    It did not work on mine...did exactly as you said and I get an error code...HELP!


    How to add a feedback form to wix website?

  • Canvas Creations

    hi so on my wix site how will my form look

  • joeherrera1927

    Man you guys are d' man.... thanks for this really this helped me out tons...

  • ElizNesbitt

    I love you guys.

    Seriously, this kept me up for a few nights. How was I supposed to collect so many details from potential clients, they would get frustrated and leave before I could even make a sale. I ended up asking for help via the help forum on wix and was directed here. I love you guys.

    It's exactlt what I was looking for, in fact better. I would like to offer some constructive critisism but I really can't find a fault. It's so easy to learn (mind you I did make a 2 or 3 drafts before I really got the hang of all the features...but I require very complicated forms-probably inexperience on my part), so wix friendly and I have already been recommending it to extended family who run online businesses.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Did I mention I love you guys?