How to Delete Form Submission Data

December 12, 2021

After downloading your form submissions as an Excel or CSV file, you may want to delete some submissions from your Jotform account and keep only the most recent ones. In this guide, we’ll walk you through deleting your form submission data in Jotform Tables. 

Note that deleting submissions in Jotform Tables does not delete the data permanently. They are stored in the trash folder for 30 days. This allows you to restore submissions when needed.

If you have file uploads in the form and wish to restore your Upload Space, you have to purge the deleted submissions in the Trashed entries folder.

Let’s start!

  1. Go to your My Forms page.
  2. Select the form with the submissions you want to delete.
  3. Click the Submissions button at the top of the page to open Jotform Tables.

In Jotform Tables, you have three options:

  • Delete all submissions.
  • Delete a single submission.
  • Delete submissions based on a filter.

Delete All Form Submissions

  1. If you want to delete all submissions, click the Select All box at the top left side of the page. 
  2. After selecting all submissions, click the More button. 
  3. Click the Move to Trash option.

Delete a Specific Submission

To delete a specific submission, select it, click the three vertical dots icon on the left, and click the Move to Trash option.

Delete Submissions Based on a Filter

If needed, you can also filter submissions by date. Click the All time button:

Alternatively, you can use the Advanced Filter option. Click the Filter button beside the search bar, and make your selection. Once you’ve set your preferences, click the Apply Filter button.

Once the filtered submissions are displayed, just follow the same steps: Select All > More > Move to Trash.

Delete Trashed Entries

If you want to permanently delete the trashed submissions, follow these steps:

  1. Click the three vertical dots icon on the main submissions tab.
  2. Click the Trashed entries option.
  1. In the trash section, check the Select All option.
  2. Click the Delete Forever button, and confirm the deletion in the popup window. Then you’re done!

How to Delete Form Submission Data on the Old Submissions Page

On the old submissions page, scroll to the middle of the page and click the Delete All Submissions button to delete all form submissions.

Enter your Jotform account password in the popup warning, and click the Delete Submissions button.

There is no trash section on the old submissions page, so be sure you have a backup of the submissions before deleting them. Once the submissions are deleted, they can no longer be recovered.

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To delete a specific submission, click the [X] icon beside that submission and confirm the deletion in the popup.

On the submissions page, you can also filter submissions by date. Click the Settings icon, choose from one of the listed time frames, or click the Custom Time Frame option. Once you’ve set or selected the time frame, click the Delete Submissions in Time Range button.

You’ll be prompted to enter your Jotform account password and click the Delete Submissions button.

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