Order Form Features

Make the checkout process easy for customers. Jotform provides advanced tools to optimize your order form and increase online sales.


30+ Trusted Payment Gateways

Integrate with one of our many trusted payment gateways, such as, Square, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net, for a faster, safer payment process.


Automated Order Processing

Make your online store more efficient with smart online forms. Set up your order form to generate PDF receipts automatically and send confirmation emails or incomplete payment notifications to customers. Add coupon codes, calculation values, and conditions to your order form with ease.

Automated Order Processing

Sell Anything Online

Jotform offers hundreds of free order forms for everything from flowers to food delivery. Can’t find the right template for your unique products? It’s easy to build an order form from scratch that meets your needs.

Connect with Your Favorite Apps

Seamlessly integrate your order form with tools you already use, from payment gateways to CRM software, such as Salesforce and Zoho.

Sell Anything Online - Connect with Your Favorite Apps

Expertly Manage Your

Track and organize online orders and payments with Jotform Tables. Calculate order amounts automatically, filter and search through your orders, assign orders to employees, and follow up on pending payments in a shareable spreadsheet-database hybrid. Build a custom internal order processing system to seamlessly collaborate with teammates online!

Expertly Manage Your Orders

Generate Insightful
Order Reports

With Jotform Report Builder, you can create custom live reports to visualize form submissions, analyze order data, and better understand your customers. Share live reports with colleagues or stakeholders to instantly collaborate and improve your business, or download and print PDFs to present order data in person.

Generate Insightful Order Reports

Better Forms for a Better Price

Get access to all of Jotform’s features for a fixed, monthly fee. Jotform won’t charge additional transaction fees when you collect payments through your forms.

Collecting donations online? Jotform offers nonprofits a 50% discount that never expires.

Better Forms for a Better Price

The World’s Easiest Form Builder

New to Jotform? You don’t need to be a pro to create a professional-looking order form for your e-commerce site. Our user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to design and publish the perfect order form without coding.

The World’s Easiest Form Builder

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