10 of the best nonprofit event management software apps

If you’re in the nonprofit sector, you know what an important role events play in your work. From fundraisers to community mixers to board meetings, events often serve as a backdrop for building new relationships, gaining supporters, and raising money.

To run events effectively, many organizations use nonprofit event management software. Software primarily helps manage the logistics of events, such as ticketing and attendee tracking. Many tools also have data analytics capabilities that support decision-making.

Additionally, nonprofit event management software solutions allow you to scale your event programming because they make your processes more efficient. Software makes event planning more seamless by providing

  • Administrative support: Event planners can easily stay on top of important information related to attendees, budgets, and timelines.
  • Process automation: Many event management tools automatically send notifications to attendees and follow up on overdue tasks with planners.
  • End-to-end functionality: Depending on their needs, nonprofits can choose event management software that offers various features — from creating event websites to accepting payments to producing reports.
  • A central “hub” of information: Events typically require many facets of planning involving different people. The software helps with coordination and collaboration, as it contains all details related to the event.
  • Opportunities for engagement: Some event-planning software offers gamification features that can help engage attendees and build anticipation.

Ultimately, the right software can take much of the burden of event planning off of your plate, allowing you to focus on attendee engagement and the small details that will make each event a success.

But which tool to choose? Below, we’ve curated 10 leading nonprofit event management software products to make it easier to find one that’s right for your organization.

Leading nonprofit event management software

1. Jotform

Jotform is an excellent option for organizations of any size. With templates for forms, tables, and mobile apps, Jotform helps nonprofits easily create the functionality they need without any coding experience.

Simplify your donations process with the donation box feature on Jotform Apps. Just create a QR code for the app and have event attendees scan it to donate. Use Jotform Inbox to track donations, attendees, and ticket sales, receiving email notifications for each action. Use Jotform Tables to analyze your event data, looking for patterns, trends, and anomalies that can help with future planning.

Jotform is a fully mobile tool, so you and your event attendees can access all forms and information on the go. It’s also a budget-friendly solution, with a free plan and three paid tiers, all 50 percent off for nonprofit organizations.

2. EventMobi

User Interface of EventMobi

EventMobi is a flexible event management solution for nonprofits of all types — though other types of organizations use it as well. Its ticketing features include check-ins, badge design, and printing, as well as attendee tracking. EventMobi also has advanced analytics and reporting features. This mobile-friendly tool is useful for both in-person and virtual events.

EventMobi offers a variety of price packages, including per-event and per-year options. For example, its registration, website, and ticketing platform starts at $2,500 per event.

3. Regpack

User Interface of Regpack

Regpack is best for nonprofit organizations that want to boost attendance at their events. It uses conditional logic during the registration process, so you can ask registrants the right questions to encourage them to complete their signup.

Regpack accepts payments, streamlines the registration process, generates guest lists, sends automated reminders and emails, and more. Plus, you can also use it to create post-event surveys and gain insights through comprehensive reports.

It’s easy to embed Regpack into your own event website. However, note that you can’t use an embed code to embed Regpack into websites built on the free versions of WordPress and Squarespace.

Regpack has multiple plans starting at $125 per month per user. Contact the sales team for a custom quote based on your needs.

4. Handbid

User Interface of Handbid

Handbid was built specifically for mobile bidding and auctions, so if your nonprofit holds a lot of silent auctions, this is an excellent choice.

Handbid enables your attendees — whether they’re participating in person or remotely — to browse catalogs, bid on items, and get notifications when someone outbids them on certain items. A top bidding leaderboard increases engagement and makes bidding more fun.

Handbid also includes simple registration and ticketing features, as well as robust reporting, goal tracking, and analytics.

Handbid offers custom pricing packages, starting at $1,396.

5. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Landing Page

Wild Apricot, recently acquired by Personify, is cloud software designed for member-based organizations. In addition to a range of features that help manage memberships, its event management features include event listings, custom registration forms, custom pricing (such as early-bird discounts and member discounts), promotional emails, online payments, and attendee tracking.

Wild Apricot is a mobile-friendly tool for both users and event attendees. It also offers a range of other features for managing memberships, but it isn’t suited for nonprofits that don’t have a membership model.

Wild Apricot has multiple paid plans that range from $60–$900 per month.

6. 4EventDay

4EventDay Mobile Solution of Grassroots Unwired Landing Page

4EventDay is a mobile solution that’s part of Grassroots Unwired, an advocacy and canvassing solution. 4EventDay helps nonprofits set up and run events, with features such as online registration, online check-in with barcodes, payment capture, donation management, and more.

The Grassroots team offers training, so you’ll feel comfortable using the app, especially on the day of an event. They also provide a point of contact to support you on event day.

Plus, EventDay syncs with your CRM to manage event data more effectively. Note that 4EventDay isn’t as robust as other event planning solutions on this list.

4EventDay offers custom pricing. Contact them for details and a demo.

7. Doubleknot

User Interface of Doubleknot

If your nonprofit is a cultural organization, such as a museum or zoo, then Doubleknot is an excellent event management solution for you.

With it, you can oversee admissions, memberships, programs, and events. It offers event registration, dynamic pricing, coupon codes, membership sales, fundraising opportunities, and mobile point-of-sale functionality. Doubleknot also generates reports to help you make important decisions about your organization.

Doubleknot offers custom pricing. Contact the sales team for information and a demo.

8. RegFox

User Interface of RegFox

RegFox is a great solution for nonprofits that struggle with the event registration process. This tool offers event registration features such as conditional logic, mobile check-in, payment plans and installments, add-ons, and more. It has robust reporting and analytics features so you can see real-time stats for your registrations. There’s also a DIY event page builder that doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Note that if you choose to use a payment processor other than the one RegFox provides as standard, you’ll be charged an additional fee.

RegFox charges a flat $0.99 plus a 1 percent fee per paid registrant in addition to a basic credit card processing fee of 2.99 percent.

9. Mobilize

User Interface of Mobilize

For organizations that regularly need to recruit volunteers for their events, Mobilize is a great nonprofit event management solution.

Use it to create event listings, send automated text and email notifications to volunteers, optimize peer-to-peer recruitment, and much more. Mobilize also lets you see real-time event data about your staff and volunteers. It doesn’t offer attendee registration and ticketing features, though.

Mobilize has a limited-time free plan as well as custom paid plans. Contact the company for more details.

10. Personify

Personify Landing Page

Personify has two event management products. A2Z helps independent show organizers manage the details of in-person events, such as floor plans, booth sales, and sponsorships. GTR helps plan meetings, conferences, and tradeshows. They both offer event registration, custom form builders, online payments, ticketing, and much more. Business intelligence and custom reporting features are also available.

Personify has multiple pricing tiers and plans for its products. Contact sales for details and demos.

Jotform for nonprofit event management and more

From managing event donations to volunteer schedules, Jotform can help you do it all.

This nonprofit event management software is incredibly versatile, with templates for apps, forms, tables, and more, so you can create exactly the functionality you need for your organization. Just drag and drop to add fields, edit the text as you see fit, and customize to match your branding. Jotform makes it easy to create the tools that will help you manage events effectively.

With so much flexibility, Jotform can encompass the many needs of nonprofit organizations in a single product, making it a budget-friendly and wise choice.

Photo by Julia M Cameron

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