Use Jotform for Nonprofit Management

Use Jotform for Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit management is full of day-to-day multitasking and wearing many hats. From needing effective fundraising donation forms, to registration and logistics-planning forms for event planning, and volunteer application forms to fill shifts – nonprofits need to collect a great deal of information from key stakeholders using online forms.

With Jotform, the preferred online form builder for nonprofits, you can easily create custom forms for different purposes and collect all the information you need from one organized dashboard. Your form submissions can even be conveniently integrated with 100+ business tools, including Excel, Google Sheets, and Salesforce, so your data can automatically populate your organization’s tool of choice. Read on to discover the many ways to use Jotform for nonprofit management.

Donation collection 

Jotform empowers nonprofits to collect donations online. Jotform does not charge any additional fees for payment collection, so nonprofits only pay any standard processing fees for credit cards or payment gateways. Jotform also integrates with many payment processors, including Square, Stripe, and PayPal. Choose from one of our 30-plus payment gateways to collect donations seamlessly.

You can collect one-time or recurring payments through beautiful online forms. Customize form fonts and colors. Upload your organization’s logo and other images to match your brand. You can embed your form directly into your website or share it as a link, through email, or with a QR code. 

You can also collect donations via Jotform Apps. Our app builder requires no coding skills, and it’s free to create and customize your own app. Just add the Donation Box element to your app and personalize it with your messaging and pre-set donation amounts. You can also allow your audience to donate custom amounts, create a minimum or maximum donation amount, and show a donation goal bar. Once donations start coming in, you can track each submission from Jotform Inbox — making Jotform your one-stop shop for donation collection and management.

You can even create a donation form to collect items for charity auctions, supplies, and more. Add fields asking about what items are being donated, the number of items, preferred date and time for pickup, etc. Jotform offers an affordable, clear payment model, and we offer a 50 percent discount on all of our plans for certified 501(c)(3) organizations. Simply fill out our nonprofit application to qualify for the discount.

Hiring staff and selecting volunteers

If you need to recruit volunteers, or employees, create a custom application forms that not only collects basic contact information, but also allows file uploads so people can attach resumes and cover letters. Additionally, you can explore more powerful form field options (we call them “widgets”) that bring your application forms to the next level. Add a video that explains your organization’s purpose, insert a photo slideshow, include a date picking calendar, have volunteers rank their preferred tasks, ask custom questions, and more!

Streamline your volunteer scheduling by having volunteers select the dates and times they’re available. Jotform also offers conditional logic, which allows you to configure your form to display or hide fields, sections, and pages based on user selections. This allows you to easily control what information your form respondent is asked to provide, which makes for a more efficient process. For example, if a prospective volunteer selects that he or she is interested in charity outreach and setting up charity events, you wouldn’t ask about web design experience. That question would only follow if prospective volunteers indicated they were interested in helping with the website.

Charity event management

Jotform is a helpful sidekick for planning and managing successful charity events. During the event planning process, you’re going to need to gather auction items that will get event attendees excited to whip out their smartphones and donate on the spot. Speaking of which, Jotform is 100% mobile friendly, so your guests can make donations or bid on prizes from anywhere.

If you need to collect electronic signatures, Jotform also provides e-signature options, including popular options including DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Now your co-workers and volunteers can update you with their up-to-date briefings through an online form, or create a checklist to stay up-to-date on finished assignments and streamline communications.

When it’s time to promote your event, create an online invitation or ticket purchase page with Jotform. RSVPs are automatically stored in your Jotform inbox and you’ll receive an email notification when someone responds. When a new customer buys a ticket, their information can be automatically imported into your spreadsheet in real time, so you can have everything you need in a convenient location.

Do you work in nonprofit management? How do you use Jotform?

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