The best WordPress donation plug-ins

Whether you’re running a nonprofit or crowdfunding for an important cause, your WordPress site can be a valuable way to collect donations. Thanks to WordPress donation plug-ins, you can easily incorporate a donation form into your site without having any coding experience. 

These plug-ins allow you to leverage an existing website as a landing page for your donation requests and marketing. 

Many plug-ins can help you transform a WordPress page into a donation page, but plug-ins vary in quality. The following options offer an ideal combination of ease of use, quality results, and overall value.

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Donorbox is a secure donation management plug-in that’s fast and full of valuable features. This WordPress plug-in includes everything you need to easily embed a donation form. Creating a donation form and getting started takes just 15 minutes. 

With Donorbox, the look and feel of your donation page are customizable, so you can choose a color scheme and style and then incorporate your logo. You can create custom input fields and design your form to collect the necessary information for legal compliance or other purposes, tailoring the form to your needs. You can also design the form to feature set donation amounts that donors can choose with a click or let them specify a custom amount. 

Donorbox works with payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH payments, and it supports recurring donations. Forms are also available in multiple languages.

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2. Jotform

When you use Jotform, you can choose from over 130 donation form templates or build your own from scratch. You can customize every donation form to your needs by adding widgets and themes, and you can incorporate your branding. 

Once you’ve completed your donation form, Jotform’s WordPress plug-in makes it easy to embed that form into your WordPress website. 

You can also use Jotform Tables to collect and manage essential donor data. With the information from each donation neatly organized in your spreadsheet, you can track donations and follow up with donors.

Jotform offers five payment tiers, including a Starter tier that is free to use and includes all Jotform features. With the Starter tier, you can create up to five forms that support up to 1,000 monthly views and 100 monthly submissions. The higher tiers include more forms, views, and submissions, as well as some premium options like custom domains. 

3.Seamless Donations

Seamless Donations is a free WordPress donation plug-in that accepts Stripe and PayPal payments. It doesn’t charge any fees or commissions, meaning you keep all of the money your donors give (except for Stripe or PayPal fees). 

This plug-in is designed to enhance the donation process. You can give donors the chance to make recurring donations with a single click on a checkbox, and the Tributes feature lets donors make a donation in honor of someone else. You can also email customized thank-you messages to donors. 

Seamless Donations is easy to use and supports other plug-ins like CAPTCHA and email integration tools, letting you gather and manage donor information for your fundraising campaigns.

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4. WPForms

WPForms is a form builder with a convenient drag-and-drop interface. This WordPress plug-in is easy to use and creates responsive and mobile-friendly forms. Instant form notifications ensure you know when a donation comes in, and you can view all of your form entries in one location for easier donor management.

WPForms includes customizable form fields, and there are also more than 300 form templates available to help you get started. You can preset donation amounts or allow donors to choose a custom donation amount. The forms feature conditional logic too, which enhances their functionality and lets users select those custom donation options. 

Other add-ons include spam prevention features, like reCAPTCHA, and GDPR enhancements that disable the storing of user details so your site stays GDPR-compliant. The forms integrate with, PayPal, Square, and Stripe, so donors can use major credit cards and debit cards. 

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5. GiveWP

GiveWP is a popular WordPress donation plug-in that makes it easy to raise money online. You can create customizable donation forms, designing them to fit your fundraising style. 

GiveWP gives you the option to ask your donors to cover credit card fees, and its recurring donation options help to maximize your fundraising efforts. The forms even let donors give in their own currencies, so they don’t have to calculate exchange rates. You can send donors custom PDF receipts for tax purposes, and donors can even download a PDF displaying their annual contributions. 

All of these WordPress plug-ins make it easy to design a quality donation form and embed it on your website. With a customized, easy-to-use form, you’ll make the most of your fundraising efforts by making it easy for site visitors to donate. 

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