DonorPerfect vs eTapestry: Comparing nonprofit CRM systems

Today’s nonprofits have a ton of donation-related data to manage. That’s why having a donor and customer relationship management (CRM) platform is so important.

CRM systems give charities a more complete picture of donors and can improve donation collection efforts, writes the team at Fundly: “Knowing their preferred communication channel, for example, can help you reach them most effectively.”

DonorPerfect and eTapestry are two examples of feature-rich donation management tools. We compare the two here to help you decide which one might come out on top for your nonprofit organization.

DonorPerfect overview

DonorPerfect is a comprehensive donor management tool that makes it easy for nonprofits to manage their data and run campaigns. The intuitive platform makes it easy for everyone in your nonprofit to use the tool, while the mobile app means it’s available on the go. And you can easily access customer service support if you’re struggling to get started.

eTapestry overview

A Blackbaud product, eTapestry is a cloud CRM and donation management tool for nonprofits of all sizes. The platform includes a comprehensive constituent profiles, dashboards, communication tools and reporting functionality. It’s an effective tool for a fast-growing nonprofit as well as for larger organizations with sizable constituent databases.

DonorPerfect vs eTapestry: The key features

When choosing a donation management tool, a nonprofit should first take some time to consider which features are necessary to meet its needs, says the team at Double the Donation. It’s important to strike a balance between getting all the features you need while not paying for those that are easy to live without.

Finding the right features shouldn’t be hard with either of these tools. DonorPerfect bills itself as the complete donor management tool and has virtually all the features required to back up this claim. Its functionality makes the tool easy to use. And while the entry-level price tier doesn’t offer every feature available, it does allow nonprofits to pay only for what they need.

eTapestry is no slouch when it comes to packing as many features as possible in its product. Because it’s a CRM tool at its core, it gives you all the related functionality you’d expect. It also integrates easily with websites and allows you to process donations from the platform itself. If you don’t like the way eTapestry is set up out of the box, you have the option to customize it.


There’s not much of a difference between DonorPerfect vs eTapestry when it comes to pricing. DonorPerfect offers a competitive entry-level price of $99, and you can obtain customized pricing for the Core, Plus, and Pro plans based on your specific needs.

eTapestry requires you to fill out a form to receive a personalized price quote.

User reviews: DonorPerfect vs eTapestry

DonorPerfect regularly gets good reviews from its users. They love its user-friendly interface, the wealth of training programs available, and the customer service. It does lack several customization features and integration options users are looking for, though.

eTapestry’s users see some positives and negatives to the software as well. While some say it gives them everything they need to manage donors and allows them to customize the platform to their needs, others complain that the software is quickly getting left behind by the rest of the market and doesn’t scale well when a nonprofit starts growing.

DonorPerfect vs eTapestry summarized

PlatformProsConsPricing starts at
-Mobile app makes it available anywhere
-Customer service is easily accessible
-Entry-level pricing is good for smaller nonprofits
-Some users find it lacks some customization and integration options-$99 per month (contact DonorPerfect for a customized quote)
eTapestry-Good for larger nonprofits
-Comprehensive donor profiles
-Includes easily embeddable form templates 
-Some users report the software is difficult to use and not updated as often as its competitors-Contact eTapestry for a personalized price quote

The Jotform alternative

In the choice between DonorPerfect vs eTapestry, the best solution for your nonprofit may be neither. Instead, Jotform, which offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to traditional donation management platforms, may be a better solution.

With Jotform, you can use donation forms and donation apps to collect money from donors while automatically storing donation information in Jotform Tables. Jotform Tables act as scalable, customizable central databases that you can connect with other apps and easily export data from. 

On top of that, Jotform offers over 30 payment processors, so you can select your favorite and give your donors different payment options.

Ready-to-use templates for both forms and apps help you get started quickly, and the software is so easy to use, there’s no need to spend hours training your staff.

Try Jotform today and get a 50 percent lifetime discount for your nonprofit.

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