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Hotel Reservation Management

Keep track of guest reservations for your hotel. Record guest information, check-in and check-out times, and more. Access info on any device. No coding required.

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Sprint Planning Template

Use our free, online Sprint Planning Template to track sprints, standups, and people on your team. Keep everyone on task. Free to use and easy to customize!

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Recipe Costing Template

Calculate recipe costs with this free spreadsheet. Perfect for professional and amateur chefs. Easy to view, edit, and share. Works on any device. No coding.

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Wedding Planner Template

View all wedding planning details in an organized spreadsheet. Expertly manage budgets, costs, seating charts, and more. Easy to customize!

Event Planning

Recipe Organizer

Keep all your recipes in one easily accessible place. Add ingredients and step-by-step recipes to a stunning spreadsheet that you can view on any device.

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Gift Planner

Become the best gift giver ever. Keep track of all your presents for clients, family, friends, and more. Free and easy to customize. Access on any device. No coding.


Pregnancy Journal

Keep an online pregnancy journal to keep record of daily progress. Access and edit anytime and anywhere through your mobile devices. Customizable and free.

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About Planner Templates

Parties, weddings, baby showers — whatever you’re in charge of planning, make sure the event goes off without a hitch using Jotform’s free Planner Templates! Choose a template below and customize it to match your event, company, or organization. Then add planning or RSVP details through the attached online form, enter information manually, or upload an existing Excel or CSV file to securely store information in your Jotform account. You can manage your details on any device, share your planning table to collaborate with teammates online, or download your data in a single click.

Jotform Tables lets you view your Planner Template in multiple formats. You can see a list of your tasks in spreadsheet view, hone in on a specific guest or task with card view, or see your due dates clearly in a professional calendar! You can also search and filter your data, store file uploads, and customize the layout by changing column types, adding color-coded labels, or splitting info into different tabs. No need to manage party planning data in multiple apps — just switch to an all-in-one digital workspace with Jotform’s free Planner Templates.