5 of the best hospice documentation tools

Running a hospice can be challenging at the best of times. Not only is it an emotionally taxing service to provide, but it also requires you to comply with complex HIPAA rules, collaborate with multiple parties, and perform other demanding yet essential functions.

That’s why many successful hospice providers use hospice documentation tools. These software solutions help the hospice ensure both the security and privacy of its data and the ease with which administrators and caregivers collaborate to provide high-quality patient care.

In this article, we look at the best hospice documentation tools and how your business can use them.

The best hospice documentation tools for your business

1. Jotform Enterprise

Jotform Enterprise for hospice businesses is an excellent solution that’s easy to use and helps with HIPAA compliance. It comes with several useful hospice documentation templates — such as referral forms, intake forms, and volunteer applications — which hospices can fully customize to meet their needs. The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor enables hospice administrators to change the content, design, and structure of any form.

Plus, hospice businesses can store all interdisciplinary group/team (IDG/IDT) assets in one place and facilitate collaboration among staff and teams. All forms are mobile-ready, enabling busy families and medical professionals to fill them out and review them on the go. Contact the Jotform sales team for pricing information on Jotform Enterprise.

2. CareSmartz360

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CareSmartz360 is a software solution created expressly for hospice and home care agencies. It works well for startups, independent agencies, and franchise locations.

CareSmartz360 offers versatile solutions for scheduling, billing, reporting, training, human resources, family portals, and much more. The software helps with HIPAA compliance and users can access it on both desktop and mobile devices, making it ideal for hospice employees traveling from patient to patient.

For pricing details, contact CareSmartz360 directly.

3. Sumac Case Management Palliative Care & Hospice Software

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Sumac Case Management Palliative Care & Hospice Software helps hospice businesses consolidate and manage their patient documentation in one place, so care providers can access a patient’s complete care history whenever and wherever they need it. The software can deliver analytical reports (based on care statistics) to funders, donors, and other key stakeholders. It also captures patient data in real time during admission, client care, discharge, and other caregiving phases.

The platform helps businesses efficiently manage the entire patient lifecycle, scheduling reminders for key tasks and generating action plans for next steps. Contact Sumac Case Management Palliative Care & Hospice Software for custom pricing details.

4. Axxess Hospice

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Axxess Hospice is a hospice documentation tool built by hospice experts. It comes with a scheduling tool, so hospice businesses can manage patient needs across an interdisciplinary team, ensuring each patient gets the care they need. It also has a customizable dashboard that shows daily tasks, notifications, patient census, and more.

Axxess Hospice includes a billing center to facilitate timely payments and claim submissions. The software also makes medication management easier through advanced monitoring tools like drug interaction checks. For pricing details, contact Axxess Hospice.

5. Hummingbird

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Hummingbird is an excellent hospice documentation tool that keeps a full range of administrative and caregiving operations running smoothly. It offers features and integrations for key functions like referral management, claims submission and tracking, care plan scheduling, and intake and discharge. The software also contains built-in databases for physician fee schedules, medications, and much more.

Hummingbird’s administrative process capabilities also support billing, reporting, and compliance. Report options include those for length of stay, visit duration, unduplicated census, and other KPIs. Contact mumms Software (owner of Hummingbird) for pricing information.

This is only a short list of the best hospice documentation tools; it’s certainly not an all-encompassing one. Did we miss any solutions that you find particularly helpful in running your hospice business? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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