Introducing Ziggeo Video Player and Video Recorder widgets

Introducing Ziggeo Video Player and Video Recorder widgets

Since video communication, conferencing, and training are a big part of our new normal, it’s no surprise that more teams want to use video in their forms for HR, education, marketing, customer service, and beyond.

If you’re looking to up your organization’s video communication in one way or another, you’ll likely enjoy our two new Ziggeo widgets, Ziggeo Video Player and Ziggeo Video Recorder.

To get started, be sure to watch the video below and read on to learn about how our Ziggeo widgets can benefit your organization.

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With our Ziggeo Video Player widget, teams can directly insert one or multiple videos into their form, automatically display subtitles, see if someone watched the video to completion, easily share videos to social media platforms, and more. 

The Ziggeo Video Player widget allows you to present or communicate information, such as a safety training or educational course, in video format through a form. In the same form, teams can ask respondents for feedback on the video or have them answer questions to ensure they understand the material.

Next, we have the Ziggeo Video Recorder, which lets users record videos while filling out a form. This widget is great because teams can add expiration dates to videos, tag videos so they’re organized in their Ziggeo account, include their organization’s watermark, and much more!

The Ziggeo Video Recorder works well for many use cases. For example, HR teams can include it in a job application form and use it to collect short introduction videos of applicants or to record testimonials for employee accident reports.

About Ziggeo

Ziggeo is an app that “revolutionizes communication through video.” This tool offers video recording, video playback, streaming, and more. Some of Ziggeo’s other benefits include WebRTC, SKDs, a media management dashboard, and hosting/storage.

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