The best product roadmap software platforms for 2024

Like the actual maps we use to navigate the world we live in, product roadmaps have undergone some significant upgrades and technical improvements over the years.

Think about it — getting from point A to point B is infinitely easier with a GPS. If we veer off course, the technology will gently guide us back on track. Or if we go too far in the wrong direction, a GPS can even chart a new course to follow.

Product roadmap software has a similar purpose and functionality. Because of the rapid changes that happen during product development every day, it’s no longer realistic — or practical — to build a static product roadmap. Work should be more agile. 

Product roadmap software provides the tools to build a desired vision while breaking down milestones into tasks and workflows that update constantly, keeping everyone on the same page while accurately reflecting the overall product plan. 

Here are the best product roadmap software platforms that organizations like yours are using right now.

Roadmap Planner

This straightforward platform equips users with the tools they need to successfully lay out a product roadmap — and manage the work to realize it. You can break down projects by department and assign tasks to individuals, allowing each person to keep track of exactly what they need to do. Plus, users can update the status of their work and check on overall product development.  

Roadmap Planner has been around for a while, a holdover from the pre-cloud days when people mostly worked offline. The platform maintains that functionality while joining the 21st century as a subscription, web-based service offering high-level customer support for organizations when they run into software issues. 

One of the most unique features of this platform is its multi-language functionality for organizations with international teams. 

Roadmap Planner


Conceived as a cloud-based service, Aha! came to market with more robust features than other platforms. Adopted by over 5,000 companies around the world, Aha! spans industries like energy, IT, finance, and healthcare, as well as government and education. 

Aha! offers the usual product management tools, such as task list building and workflow visualization. It’s especially helpful for organizations that need to make frequent presentations to internal and external stakeholders. 

In addition to featuring various analytics metrics and the ability to visualize them in charts, Aha! makes it incredibly simple to generate aesthetically pleasing reports about project status using a wide array of templates.

As the name indicates, Aha! is on a mission to capture users’ ideas, allowing organizations to prioritize acting on and realizing the best ones. The company that makes Aha! seems to have a similar agenda — it even has a Submit an Idea link on its homepage, welcoming suggestions about how to improve the product. 

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Above all, Product Plan focuses on building product roadmaps and working from a big-picture perspective. The platform specializes in creating live roadmaps — agile blueprints that change with the speed of work as well as the brilliant ideas that team members offer. 

Though this platform allows product roadmaps to evolve, it immediately captures a plan in easy-to-understand visuals that you can share with individuals in every department, as well as with external stakeholders. 

Product Plan strives to meet all users’ needs in the product development journey, and the platform’s Enterprise plan allows organizations to standardize the roadmap creation process without bringing in third-party decks or complicated spreadsheets. 

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Roadmunk is one of the most innovative tools on this list, which makes it ideal for organizations with customer- or user-first policies or products. The platform includes all of the usual product management capabilities, but special extensions allow teams (such as support or sales) to capture customer feedback in the platform and transform it into tasks, feature updates, or even new projects.

Roadmunk does everything but invite customers to help build product roadmaps. The software goes far beyond allowing organizations to visualize their goals and timelines. It enables organizations to visualize customer feedback, allowing executives, PMs, and other stakeholders to quickly spot problems or opportunities to capitalize on and then prioritize all of their work accordingly.  

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airfocus is an agile, cloud-based product management platform specially designed for remote workforces. 

Recognizing how much can happen in a single day — and how hard that can make keeping members of a remote team on the same page — airfocus has designed every aspect of this platform to focus on setting priorities and communicating them to team members. Features or milestones even have a column that indicates how something will impact the company’s revenue.

One of the most unique features is called Priority Poker. It’s a voting system that allows PMs to propose tasks, features, or other items of discussion and then quickly solicit and tabulate votes from team members across the organization. The best way to make an informed decision is to include the people in the trenches in the dialogue — and this easy-to-use interactive feature makes sure you get everyone’s input.

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Of the many product roadmap software platforms out there, these are some of the best. All you need to do now is pick one and start development. 

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