5 ways to automate with Jotform Enterprise

According to a recent survey, employees spend 58 percent of their day communicating about work, searching for information, and chasing down status updates — which can make it tough to get everything done. Automation can free up your schedule by cutting down on the time you spend generating reports, sending emails, or forwarding information to colleagues.

In this last installment of the Jotform Enterprise Starter Series, we’ll highlight five ways to banish busywork, automate your workflows, and stay focused on strategic, mission-critical work.

1. Streamline workflows with approval flows

Jotform Approvals lets you create approval flows that automatically send data to the right teams and individuals. Set up your flow in a few clicks to prompt action from colleagues or customers through onboarding emails, support tickets, or expense reimbursement requests.

When you receive a new submission through your forms, Jotform Approvals automatically sends the data through your predetermined approval flow. You can configure your approval flow to automatically approve or deny requests, send notification or reminder emails, request signatures, share prefilled forms, or even restart the approval process. No pesky coding required!

2. Send email notifications and confirmations automatically

Keep employees and customers informed with automated, customizable email notifications and confirmations. Notification emails let you know when someone submits or edits form data and help keep members of your organization in the loop.

Tailored autoresponder emails, on the other hand, confirm submission data and allow customers to edit their submissions. Autoresponder emails can include files like PDFs, as well as any other important information you need to share.

With Jotform Enterprise, you can set up notification and confirmation emails in a matter of seconds, saving you time and resources in the future.

3. Auto-generate custom reports

Jotform Report Builder uses real-time form data to auto-generate professional reports. Whether you’re presenting results to stakeholders, sharing reports internally, or tracking fundraising goals, you can get custom visual reports in seconds.

Automatically populate data from any form and use report filters to highlight specific submission data or time ranges. There are a variety of styles and formats to choose from when creating extended or compact reports, including Excel and CSV. Once your report is customized and ready to go, download it, share it via link or email, or embed it in your website.

4. Assign tasks directly to colleagues

If you’re responsible for project management or coordinating team efforts, you can save time by assigning tasks directly in Jotform Tables. The Assign feature lets you quickly delegate forms or tasks, notify the individuals assigned, and monitor workloads across your team. Plus, share tables by making them private, public, or available only to members of your organization

If your organization has opted into single sign-on, you can require an SSO login to keep your tables extra secure. Be sure to customize permission levels for different teammates by granting them read-only access or allowing them to directly edit your table.

5. Use Calendar view to notify colleagues

With the Calendar view option in Jotform Tables, you can ensure that teams automatically stay connected and informed with updates, whether you’re tracking job interviews, organizing conferences and events, or managing cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Instead of manually exporting your form data to third-party calendar software like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, manage dates and events without ever leaving your Enterprise account. View form responses in a calendar to track events, meetings, and orders — either based on the actual date of the submission or dates provided within the submission. You’ll reduce human error and keep your entire team in the loop!

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Lainie is the Enterprise marketing manager and team lead at Jotform. With a career spanning 20+ years, she’s written for global management consulting firms, entrepreneurs, educational organizations, and nonprofits. A published author, her work has appeared in industry trades and educational guidebooks. Outside of work, Lainie enjoys live music, gardening, travel, volunteering, and the outdoors. You can reach Lainie through her contact form.

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