Discover 6 ways to white label with Jotform

Discover 6 ways to white label with Jotform

White-labeled products are everywhere, but they’re difficult to identify. That’s the point, after all.

A white-labeled product or service is created by one company and sold to another, which then places its own logo on the merchandise. This is a proven, efficient way for businesses to sell goods and increase brand recognition with minimal production costs. In 2020, for example, white-labeled products accounted for a 19.5 percent share of the U.S. market.

Reusable water bottles, tote bags, workout gear, and beauty products are just a few examples of popular white-labeled items. Often, their express purpose is to spread brand awareness for gyms, hair salons, and myriad other businesses.

White-labeling is gaining popularity in SaaS too. Primarily, white-labeled software saves time and resources. Software development demands expertise that carries a hefty price tag. And even then, progress can be slow. Using software that’s made for you is a breeze by comparison. It’s like having your own, ultra-efficient developer at a fraction of the cost.

With Jotform Enterprise, that’s certainly the case. We can easily incorporate your brand into all aspects of your online workflow, presenting a professional platform to anyone who fills out your forms.

Here are six ways to white label with Jotform.

1. White label your forms and workflow

At Jotform, nearly everything starts with an online form.

With Jotform Enterprise, you can white label your forms to add your company branding. Rather than spending time and money creating your own product, simply drag and drop form fields and upload your logo to your forms.

You can also white label your entire workflow. Take our Jotform Enterprise partner Klara, for example. This smart, multichannel patient-communication platform created Klara Online Forms using Jotform’s Form Builder. Now, Klara’s online form workflow is truly its own.

Pro Tip

Jotform Enterprise lets you white label every aspect of your company’s workflow.

2. White label your admin dashboard

While custom-branded, online forms are the backbone of your workflow, your admin dashboard is the control center for everything you and your team, customers, or clients want to accomplish.

Here, you can easily access reports that you or others have created with your data, take a look at the activity log using customized filters for easy viewing, manage user profiles, toggle account settings, organize submissions, and more.

And with Jotform Enterprise’s white-labeling capabilities, you can easily add custom branding to this organizational hub.

3. Create custom form URLs

Jotform Enterprise allows you to create custom URLs for your online forms so you can easily connect them to a custom domain. This not only strengthens your brand awareness, it can also improve your website’s search rankings.

Plus, custom URLs make your online forms easier to use, access, and share. Make each form look like the true original that it is, from its appearance to its one-of-a-kind web address, creating a seamless integration for your custom workflow.

4. White-labeled native app for internal use 

The  Jotform White-Labeled App, was built for organizations that want to have a fully customized experience in a native app to serve various audience needs.

Jotform has been fulfilling your white-labeling needs on the web for a while, but now, we’ve optimized all of the features that are available with Jotform Enterprise for game-changing mobility.

Jotform customers can request a white-labeled native app for their organization. That’s right: Jotform will build a native app that looks and feels like your company developed it from scratch. But Jotform is here to do the heavy lifting.

With a white-labeled app for internal use, you can manage forms remotely, even when you’re out of range of cell or internet service, enjoy the added security and peace of mind a native app provides, add prestige to your brand by publishing your app on Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store, and much more

5. White-labeled native app for customers

The Jotform White-Labeled App isn’t just for internal teams, of course. That’s a big reason why Jotform provides options for public or private access to your white-labeled app on the App Store and Google Play.


When your organization collaborates with Jotform, you’ll build trust with your customers and associates as they use your powerful, polished, and professional custom-branded native app.

6. White-labeled native app for your client’s custom brand

Some organizations may want to offer a white-labeled form builder and data-collection tool to their B2B partners. Jotform Enterprise has that covered, as well.

Let’s take the case of a fictional company called Acme, which wants its B2B partners to use an Acme-branded native app for workflows and online form needs.

But Acme also has partners that want to use their own branding with Jotform’s software rather than Acme’s. Jotform can make that happen. It’s white labeling at its best, with the same powerful, professional Jotform tools meeting multiple branding needs.

All they’ll notice is your brand

Jotform Enterprise has been developed with the utmost precision and care. All we want your team, customers, and clients to notice is your brand, not ours — along with your awesome capabilities for custom data collection, both in the office and out in the field. As always, we’re proud to collaborate with your organization to provide powerful, tangible results.

Want to know how to start white labeling with Jotform? Contact our sales team to learn more. They’re ready to answer any questions you may have about our white-labeling capabilities and the exciting debut of the Jotform White-Labeled App.

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