Pasadena City College improves student outcomes with Jotform

Pasadena City College improves student outcomes with Jotform

Founded in 1924, Pasadena City College (just down the street from the Rose Bowl Stadium) was one of the first junior colleges in the entire Southwest United States. Today, it enrolls over 29,000 new and returning students every semester, offering a wide variety of science, math, liberal arts, music, art, athletics, nursing, and vocational arts classes. Whether students are seeking a transfer, certificate, or degree, Pasadena City College helps them achieve their goals. 

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The college needed some help of its own, though, to manage the complex data-collection and organization needs of incoming, outgoing, and prospective students from across California and the rest of the country.

That’s when Angie Alvarez, a high school relations and college orientation specialist for Pasadena City College, discovered Jotform. In 2012, she started using Jotform to collect student information for the Pathways First Year Experience program, which helps about 6,000 first-year students transition into the college each semester. 

Before long, other colleagues across the campus adopted Jotform to gather everything from event registrations, student onboarding information, counseling intake details, financial aid requests, surveys, program registrations, fundraising, workshop signups, training applications, and more. Yet this was only the beginning of what Jotform could do for the institution. 

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Alvarez and Pasadena City College initially used a Jotform Silver account but recently upgraded to Jotform Enterprise for several critical reasons.

“The campus needed something that would be able to capture and disseminate information to the parties that needed to process it,” says Alvarez. “We realized Jotform would work for us, but we only had one account, so we upgraded to Enterprise to be able to do that.”

She goes on to say, “Security is a big deal on our campus. Jotform Enterprise has two-factor authentication, and one of the biggest things about Enterprise is that we’ve been able to do single sign-on, so we use our login [credentials] instead of sharing logins with different people.”

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With Jotform Enterprise, Alvarez and her colleagues at Pasadena City College are able to safely collect and manage critical student data for various college initiatives, using multiple accounts to allow for easy access and collaboration. 

The transition to a Jotform Enterprise plan was seamless, because all the college’s forms and data were carried over automatically to its Enterprise account. New ownership could then be assigned to different users under their own logins. And Jotform’s two-factor authentication and single sign-on options met the institution’s stringent security protocols. 

Now, Jotform is truly everywhere at Pasadena City College — the web design team even relies on Jotform to power all the embedded forms across the website, white labeled and branded with the campus logo and colors. 

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Jotform is the perfect tool for any student or faculty member — create custom forms and surveys for an occasion.

Alvarez, who was a first-generation student herself, is especially drawn to Jotform’s functionality and expansive widget library, which enables her to collect a wide variety of information from students in each form. She also logs into the Enterprise Admin Console daily to monitor and track submissions, monitor forms, and manage users.

“With Jotform Enterprise, more people have access to create forms across our campus,” she explains. “It’s user-friendly, and just a fun platform to use. Jotform will have whatever you need.”

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Angie Alvarez

Has your organization considered upgrading to Jotform Enterprise? If you’d enjoy benefits like multiple users under a shared account, single sign-on, a local data residency center, your own support team, white labeling, and much more, Jotform Enterprise may be for you. 

To learn more about Jotform Enterprise or contact a member of our sales team, visit today. 

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