Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App

Since its debut, Jotform Mobile Forms has allowed you to conduct business remotely by enabling the vital work of filling out forms on any device. Additionally, Jotform’s mobile app allowed field service managers, healthcare and first aid professionals, utilities workers, and more to collect data offline.

In 2017, the Boston Consulting Group estimated that 70 percent of B2B queries would be made on smartphones by 2020. In the wake of the pandemic, it stands to reason that this estimate may have been low.

Never before has so much data been collected on mobile devices.

And yet, our mobile solution wasn’t perfect.

Enterprise organizations — from large companies to those simply needing more control over their data-collection experience — have enjoyed a fully branded customer experience on the web.

But custom branding, and everything that accompanies a more autonomous experience, wasn’t available when it came to mobile.

So we’re introducing a new way to give your team the power of Jotform Enterprise wherever they are, and anyone who uses Jotform Mobile Forms in their daily workflow will want to check it out.

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The new Jotform White-Labeled App gives Enterprise customers their own branded mobile forms application. A custom-branded Jotform White-Labeled App benefits your business in a number of ways:

  • Allows your audience to access unlimited mobile forms remotely and lets you manage forms remotely using a fully branded app
  • Helps your organization build trust by giving every type of customer confidence that your tools and solutions are authentic, sophisticated, and always up to date
  • Delivers the additional security, user flexibility, and storage requirements your organization needs
  • Lets you focus on business growth while a trusted expert with plenty of resources handles your software needs 
  • Allows you to publish your mobile application publicly or privately in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store for easy accessibility
  • Enables data analysis via a dashboard where you can see the mobile app usage of your audience 
  • Helps agencies, third-party businesses, and field service management companies scale business offerings to both internal and external customers 
  • Simplifies the mobile app sign-in process

Who will find a Jotform White-Labeled App valuable?

  • Those who receive forms via Jotform Mobile in their daily workflow, but prefer to use a mobile app that’s branded with their company logo, colors, and style
  • Organizations at an enterprise service level that are interested in mobile forms
  • B2B businesses that provide software solutions to third-party customers

Wondering about the difference between Jotform White-Labeled App and Jotform Apps?

Jotform Apps is a non-native (unavailable on the App Store or Google Play store), do-it-yourself app builder that allows users to create an app that includes assets like forms, surveys, banners, invitations, and more. Jotform Apps is available to anyone who uses Jotform and is distributed via personal and private links.

In contrast, the new Jotform White-Labeled App is a professionally developed, native, custom-branded app that harnesses the power of Jotform Mobile Forms — including the full Form Builder, advanced features, kiosk mode, and more. A Jotform White-Labeled App connects with complementary management and collaboration tools like Jotform Tables and Jotform Approvals, giving you, your teams, and your partners limitless forms and automations that are accessible anywhere. Finally, the Jotform White-Labeled App is available to enterprise-level users only and can be distributed publicly, privately, or in an unlisted mode on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Jotform Mobile experience overview

This seems like a good time to briefly review the features that are available in Jotform’s Mobile Forms app.

First, you can gather data remotely and in areas that may not have internet access. Any submissions you or your team collect are stored and auto-synced to your Jotform Enterprise account (as well as Jotform Tables) when you reconnect.

Second, Jotform Mobile Forms enables advanced features like geolocation, barcode/QR code scanning, and signature collection, giving your team the ability to get more done from a single device, and in a remote setting.

Third, you’ll enjoy easy form-sharing with custom permission settings and kiosk mode (in which the data submitted goes to your Jotform account, and the form then refreshes automatically so that multiple people can fill it out).

In summary, the mobile app simplifies data collection for a plethora of businesses, including the field service management, education, nonprofit, transportation, real estate, beauty, event marketing, construction, and healthcare industries.

It’s within this context that we’re elevating mobile data collection to meet the needs of more businesses in a professionally curated way.

The power of Jotform Enterprise…in a white-labeled mobile app

By combining the remote, on-the-go power of Jotform Mobile Forms with the capabilities that Jotform Enterprise offers your organization, the possibilities for conducting business anywhere are limitless.

Now, Jotform Enterprise can power your business from your pocket, giving you best-in-class security and flexibility that goes beyond a custom-branded app. Jotform Enterprise provides the following features: 

  • Additional security options like single sign-on (SSO), a service level agreement (SLA) that specifies the error response rates and uptime ratios we promise to meet, and the ability to host your form data on local cloud data residency
  • Your own domain, allowing you to create customized URLs that match your organization’s domain and improve your website’s search ranking 
  • Unlimited form creation, submissions, and access with the flexibility to add new user accounts, designate users or admins, and customize user permission levels

As with any native software solution, your customers will expect new features and ongoing upgrades. Jotform is a trusted source for data collection and software development, so we’ve got you covered. 

As Jotform implements upgrades to the platform, they will be deployed to your app. Ongoing software maintenance is our primary focus, and when new features roll out, your branded app will only get better. 

Interested in getting a custom-branded app? Contact our Sales team to learn more about Jotform White-Labeled App today.

The development process for your white-labeled app  

The development process for your native app will be based on your business type and the particular needs of your organization.

In other words, a Jotform White-Labeled App will be your app, your way, for your business.

3 ways to build or distribute your app with Jotform White-Labeled App

There are three methods for building (or distributing) your custom-branded, native app. The one you choose will depend on the needs and resources of your organization.

1. In-house private app development

Whether you have a trusted IT resource or a full software development team, it may be more efficient for you to carry out the app development process in-house.

For this method, you’ll need an Apple Developer Enterprise account, which can be difficult (but not impossible) to obtain. Some organizations may already have one.

If you have an Apple Developer Enterprise account, you’ll be equipped to distribute your apps privately (only to your employees via a link, QR code, etc.) outside of the Apple App Store environment.

For organizations interested in this option, the Apple Developer Enterprise Program provides some additional information.

Per Apple, this is a good option if you require private distribution directly to your employees using secure internal systems or through a mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Jotform will work alongside your tech staff to provide the proper tools and support so the in-house development process goes smoothly.

2. Custom app development

Some educational organizations or select businesses may choose to supply and manage mobile devices for their staff, employees, and students. In this case, Apple’s Business Manager and School Manager programs are viable solutions.

For both programs, organizations can determine which apps to install on these devices and automatically enroll the devices through an MDM solution.

Jotform’s mobile experts will develop a custom, white-labeled app for members of these Apple programs. Instead of publishing the app publicly, we’ll publish it privately so that only relevant users for a specific company or school can access and download it.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-2

3. Unlisted app development/distribution

With unlisted app development, the app is still accessible through Apple’s App Store but is not listed in search results, category listings, and developer pages within the store. Only users with access to the URL will be able to find and download the app in the App Store.

An unlisted app could be a popular option for certain organizations, annual or special events, or academic studies. Businesses using apps for sales-related tools are also good candidates for unlisted app distribution.

Did you know?

The Android OS offers similar private and unlisted app distribution methods both directly and through the Google Play store. Jotform White-Labeled App is available for distribution on both platforms.

Steps to get your own branded mobile experience

  1. For Jotform Starter, Bronze, Silver, or Gold customers, contact our Sales team as a first step to getting a custom-branded app for your team. For current Jotform Enterprise customers, skip to step 2. 
  2. Fill out the Jotform White-Labeled App Request Form to request your custom-branded app.
  3. Once we receive your request form, we’ll send you a step-by-step guide detailing the actions required to prepare for app development.
  4. When the requirements have been met, you’ll need to submit a final form with the technical information needed to move forward.

Custom-branded applications vary in nature, so the time needed to create your app will vary, depending on a number of factors. 

For instance, more straightforward builds may take as little as seven days, but the time frame largely depends on the app review processes of Apple and Google and how quickly you submit the required information. 

View of a sample custom app

As we’ve mentioned, each company’s development process will look different, and each app will have its own characteristics based on your organization’s brand and data-collection needs.

For that reason, in the example below we’ve highlighted a pared down, straightforward app — as well as an administrative dashboard — to give you a post-development glimpse of a custom-branded app experience.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-3

After your tailored app design and development work is complete, and you’ve downloaded your app from the App Store or the Google Play store, your Jotform White-Labeled App will be ready to launch.

Your app experience may resemble something like this. In this case, we’ve added the logo for a made-up company called Acme.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-4

When your users open your app, they’ll see the customized introduction pages, written and designed to suit the particular business needs of your app.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-5

The login screen of your app will display the login modes associated with your account. For example, you’ll see regular email and password or SSO as login options, depending on the needs of your organization.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-6

The Jotform White-Labeled App will be just as user-friendly as our regular mobile forms app, allowing you, your collaborators, and your team to create, collect, access, and manage form submissions.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-7

Editing forms, checking submissions, and enabling kiosk mode are simple within your custom- branded app, as is adding an unlimited number of new forms.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-8

Here in the Form Designer, I’ve added the custom color palette for the Acme brand to a sample form that’s accessible to users. You can set your brand colors as the default when designing your form.

Gather data with your Enterprise mobile dashboard

The Jotform White-Labeled App also provides you with a new tab on your administrative dashboard so you can monitor and stay on top of your app’s activity.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-9

For convenience, you can also submit your request for a custom-branded app through this dashboard.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-10

Here you can get a bird’s-eye view of registered app users, your app’s forms, and more. You can search your activity log and sort by app version, device, date, and user type.

Power your teams on the go with the Jotform White-Labeled App Image-11


Jotform White-Labeled App raises the bar by offering you the power of a branded, native app that will automate your business, even when you’re on the go.

So whether you want to ensure brand consistency with a white-labeled mobile solution or you prefer to have a turnkey business app you can offer third parties, a Jotform White-Labeled App is your key to remote productivity.

The way we see it, your success is our success. That’s why Jotform’s developers will work with you to understand your needs and be dedicated to creating your custom-branded mobile forms app.

If you have your own development resources, we’ll provide all the necessary tools and support to guide your team through the process.

The Jotform White-Labeled App combines Enterprise benefits like custom-branded software, unlimited forms, customized domains/URLs, and personalized support with the power of Jotform Mobile Forms.

Custom-built solutions require a considerable amount of time and resources to achieve a quality product tailored to meet your organization’s goals. As a result, the corresponding cost for a Jotform White-Labeled App will largely depend on your goals and the resources involved in developing a market-ready app.

Contact our Sales team to learn more about Jotform White-Labeled App today.

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