Announcing the Jotform White-Labeled App: Launch a custom-branded app

Announcing the Jotform White-Labeled App: Launch a custom-branded app

Jotform White-Labeled Apps combines all the practical functionality of Jotform Mobile Forms with the customization benefits of Enterprise. Now you can publish a completely white-labeled native iOS or Android app to the App Store or Google Play store with a Jotform White-Labeled App.

Take advantage of customizations to address internal audiences or customers, or create a white-labeled app for your client — the choice is yours. This native app will have your icon on the mobile device home screen, your logo and color scheme throughout the mobile app experience, making it fully your own. Ready to dig into the details? Let’s get started!

Collecting data and collaborating with your teams has never been easier. A Jotform White-Labeled App gives you easy access to your Jotform Enterprise account right from your mobile device.

Create, edit, and manage your forms, submission data, and approvals right from the palm of your hand. And because it’s a native mobile app, you don’t need an internet connection to get business done.

Once you’ve installed your app, you can log in and start working immediately. Set your forms to work offline so you can collect form responses anywhere. Offline submissions will be securely saved on your device and automatically sync to your local data residency center when you’re back online.

Publishing options to suit your audience

Native mobile apps are a convenient way of reaching specific audiences. With a Jotform White-Labeled App, you can choose your desired level of access with a range of publishing options.

Make your mobile app available and searchable on the Apple App Store or Google Play for maximum visibility. Publicly viewable apps are ideal for engaging with your existing customers, members of your organization, and potential prospects.

Alternatively, you can prevent unwanted downloads and share your app with select audiences (think contractors, franchisees, business partners, inspectors, etc.) by privately publishing it using Apple’s unlisted app distribution.

A third option is to publish via an over-the-air (OTA) server for a private, in-house solution. Public, private, or unlisted, the choice is yours.

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White labeling for more mobile-first opportunities

Whether you’re soliciting feedback from customers on the go or collecting data from colleagues in the field, your brand will be there to greet them. Customize the app logo and name, screenshots on stores, splash screens, onboarding screens, in-app company logo, and in-app primary colors.

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Want to create a white-labeled native app for your clients? We can do that too. If you provide Jotform’s solutions as a service to your clients, a Jotform White-Labeled App makes it possible to expand your offering with a fully white-labeled native app for an on-brand experience across devices.

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Access what you need, when you need it

The offline data-collection functionality of a Jotform White-Labeled App means you can access the data you need when you need it.

Say your team comes across a problem at a remote location, and they need to submit information about it. With the advanced form fields and widgets available in a Jotform White-Labeled App, they can upload files or images, accept e-signatures, add geolocation data, scan barcodes, and record voice memos.

Maybe your customer is waiting on an important delivery, but your shipping department hasn’t received authorization to release the shipment. With a Jotform White-Labeled App, it’s easy to access your approvals and reassign or take over an approval workflow.

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Create a custom experience

Jotform White-Labeled App combines the power of the Enterprise platform with the features and functionality of Jotform Mobile Forms. There are myriad ways to leverage a Jotform custom-branded app, for instance

  • Conducting safety inspections across remote sites
  • Reporting on shipping and logistics details in real time
  • Gathering data at conferences, field sites, and more

Minimize costly delays

Get notified immediately when your team has questions or problems that require your attention. Use your custom-built app to view your approvals inbox or track approvals in progress.

If a workflow stalls, you can share approval requests for a quick reminder or status update, or reassign or take over an approval process to make progress on the go.

Get instant notifications and reports from the field

From shipping and logistics challenges to safety hazards, having your finger on the pulse of operations can make a massive difference to your customers, vendors, and employees. You can instantly get reports on data submissions and get your data to go by downloading all your form submission data as a CSV, Excel, or PDF file.

You hate to see it, but sometimes information comes in at the eleventh hour — or later. Maybe you have an important dance recital or little league game to attend. With Jotform White-Labeled App, you’re covered.

As a form owner, you can adjust your Mobile Forms settings to receive instant notifications when submission data is received and/or edited. You also have the option to share submission data via text, email, social media, and other channels.

Additionally, you can use email notifications to notify others about submission data. Customize the email subject line and body copy using form fields and free text, and use the Advanced Settings tab to include uploads and PDFs as attachments. Add recipients as needed to ensure everyone on your team receives form submission data for better business decisions (and work-life balance).

Look your best at in-person events

For a few years in-person conferences and events were on hold while the world navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. Be ready for their return with a Jotform White-Labeled App. You can create an app to host a variety of forms or use kiosk mode to ensure your form refreshes with every entry. No connection, no problem.

Jotform White-Labeled Apps make it easy to collect and store data on a phone or tablet from expo halls to breakout rooms and beyond. Kiosk mode is also handy for in-store customer feedback, routine inspections, and anytime you want to collect data routinely or repeatedly. Whether you’re far from an internet connection or competing for a signal with 10,000 conference attendees, your Jotform White-Labeled App is ready.

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Take team collaboration anywhere

Collaborating with teams on the go just got easier with Jotform White-Labeled Apps. Using a custom-built Jotform White-Labeled App, your teams can build and share branded Jotform forms quickly and easily, and take advantage of all the security and flexibility features of Jotform Enterprise, including

  • Form encryption
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Auto-deleting form submissions
  • Prefilling data from SSO, Tables, and select integrations

Assigning and reassigning forms is as quick as tapping your phone or tablet. You’ll never have to worry about how many bars you have or being off the grid. With a Jotform White-Labeled App, you can manage your business and empower your teams anywhere.

Imagine all the power of Jotform Enterprise in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re managing remote teams or need to collect data offline, a Jotform White-Labeled App makes it easy to take care of business wherever business takes you.

Contact your support team to get started with your own custom-built native app and register for our webinar to learn more.

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